Is Vaping Cheaper than Smoking? Let's Ascertain the Actual Difference

More often than not, a typical cigarette smoker decides to make a switch to vaping for either of these two reasons:

1. The person might be feeling e-cigarettes are way less harmful than the standard/traditional ones


2. He/she might be doing it after realising a significant cost difference.

While vaping is considered to cause less harm than cigarettes as many studies have claimed, it also turns out a large number of people are opting it due to the cost benefits. So, let’s have a look at the actual cost difference.

Comparing the Cost of Vaping and Smoking

While the cost depends entirely on the frequency of smoking, a small cross-check of expenses can make one realise how vaping is considerably cheaper than smoking. 

Total Cost of Vaping per Year

A vaping pen costs between $30 to not more than $200 in Australia. Although for availing better features one may have to definitely shell out more bucks for the vaping kit. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great vaping experience at a reasonable cost.  

A $50 to $75 vaping pen can readily serve the daily smoking needs of an average smoker. For starting the calculation, let the cost of the vaping pen be taken as $65. As for e-liquids, most of them cost around $20. It is important to note that one pack a day smoker will have to buy a new bottle or at least a half weekly. This amounts to a total of 35 e-liquid bottles per year. 

Next up is the atomizer. An atomizer refers to the coil that is responsible for vaporizing the e-liquid. One can acquire a 5 atomizer pack for a price of $20. One pack a day smoker might need to change the atomizer on a weekly basis, therefore this 5 atomizer pack can easily suffice for a month. Going by this figure, it would cost $240 for an atomizer per year.

Here, on adding all the figure as mentioned above, it would cost a typical smoker a monthly vaping price of $65 + $20 + $20 = $105.This means on an annual basis, the price would be around $1260, at the most. 

What about the Cost of Cigarettes?

In Australia, a pack a day smoker will have to expend at least $30 daily. It amounts to $900 per month and a whopping $10800 per year. This figure can only increase as the cigarette taxes in Australia are expected to rise by 12.5% annually. It is indeed evident that cigarettes are going to burn more and more pockets in the upcoming years. 

Besides, one should not forget that Australia is a country with the most expensive cigarettes in the world.

Why Vaping Causes Less Harm than Smoking?

Even though Nicotine is present in both cigarettes and e-cigarettes, the former causes more damage as it burns the tobacco. Moreover, cigarettes are a combination of thousand chemicals rolled into a piece of paper. This, when burned, hampers the health of the smoker severely. 

On the other hand, Vape contains vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and flavourings without fat lipid that are usually used in candies. This shows that vaping cannot go worse than smoking.

The Verdict

The above comparison of costs between vaping and smoking has clearly shown that vaping is hands down cheaper than smoking. A yearly saving of $9540 can surely be utilised for other tasks. 

This cost difference has compelled more and more people to drop the habit of smoking and opt for vaping. It is also vital to note that vapers who build their own coil or mix their own e-liquids can save a lot more. These types of vaping kits are known as rebuildable vaping kits where users can effectively tweak their vaping experience, that makes it more personalised. However, it is recommended only for experienced vapers who are well versed with the technicalities of it. 


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Forward to 2020. I stopped smoking in 2011. Did the Champix thing and in 2014 took up vaping. I used to smoke 6 × 50gram pouches off Drum every 7 days. In 2011, a 50gram pouch of Drum was $26.60 and a packet of Tally Ho was 40 cents, I believe tobacco now is well in excess of $70 per pouch. I vape almost all day every day and at current prices, I would be up for more than $22000. I don’t build my own coils and don’t make my own juice, everything I purchase is ready to go. I use sub ohm mods with external batteries. I have previously purchased most all of my products from China and the US. Stumbling across Super Vape Store was a blessing for me here in Brisbane. My spend on consumables, ie coils, batteries, juice, atomizers, mod tanks etc, is well under $1000 per annum. I simply couldn’t afford to smoke tobacco nowadays and that is just the financial cost. The health and associated costs involved with combustion cigarettes is a whole other story….

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