Best E-Liquids in Australia

Super Vape Store provides the highest quality e-liquid in Australia. Due to the current Australian laws, we are only allowed to provide non-nicotine e-juice. If you need nicotine e-liquid please refer to our nicotine section.

The e-cigarette liquid is handcrafted in Australia using HACCP certified ingredients. All e-liquids are packed in high-quality HDPE bottles or glass bottles (30ml only) for your safety. Using the best local ingredients guarantees a true flavour that will provide a fantastic vape.

Our goal is to provide the best e-liquid at amazing prices. As we purchase our stock in bulk amounts we are able to pass the savings onto you! We offer several bottles sizes ranging from 10ml to 250ml. We recommend buying a variety of 10ml bottles first to test and sample the flavours, once you have found the one you like we advise to purchase in bulk to save even more money.

When you select your e-liquid you will be able to customise the base and strength of the liquid. We provide two base mixtures:
50% Vegetable Glycerine / 50% Propylene Glycol - This is recommended for normal vaping, cartridges and cig-a-likes.
70% Vegetable Glycerine / 30% Propylene Glycol - This is recommended for sub ohm vaping, as there is more VG in the e-liquid it will provide more vapour and a better flavour when using a sub ohm tank.

All e-liquid orders are made fresh! It is recommended to let the e-juice steep to enhance the flavour. You may notice that the liquid will get stronger over the first few weeks.

Check out our vast array of e-juice flavours below or browse through our e-liquid categories.