Vaping is Safe

Most of the times, the articles and studies are written over vaping being equally dangerous as smoking comes from the people that do not have any deep-rooted knowledge about the same. They generally claim that it contains nicotine, but what they don’t write is that it is found to be at levels 10 times lower in passive exposure to e-cigs than from regular tobacco cigarettes. In fact, with the wide scale of research and experiments being conducted to prove that how vaping is safer than cigarettes, it has been shown that how vaping produces lesser smoke, how it can be used as a life-saving tool, how it is free from chemicals and how switching to e-cigarettes might just be the solution to quit your harmful smoking routine.

1. Smoking Affects the Heart whereas Vape Shows no Sign of Disturbance

A team led by Dr. Farsalinos, a specialist from Greece, had conducted a study between 2011 and 2012 offers clinical evidence to prove how e-cigarettes turn out to be safe than traditional tobacco ones when it was tested over a smoker and a non-smoker to check the measurement of their heart. In this comparative study, their heart was measured before and after smoking a cigarette (smoker) and using a vaper (non-smoker). Whilst there was impairment in the functioning of one part of the heart of the smoker, the vaping showed no ill-effects in the heart functioning of the non-smoker. Thus, vape was found to be safe in the conclusion.

2. Vape Reduces your Formaldehyde Exposure by 32%

With a test conducted by New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), it was shown how the e-cigarettes emit very high formaldehyde, the study that was proved wrong by the team of Dr. Farsalinos with another study that confirmed that an unrealistic approach was applied during the test. It was proved that the only during the “dry puff” situation where low atomizer was used, the vaping got harmful that makes the NEJM paper’s results completely irrelevant.

3. Can E-cigarette contribute in Smoke Quitting?

There has been an on-going debate among people over the topic of whether e-cigarettes put an end to the smoking or not? Time and again, various researches have been conducted that have not yielded any relevant outcome. However, a study conducted in 2014-15 by US Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) showed that e-cigarettes were the most popular equipment successful in helping people to quit smoking. In contrast to medications and nicotine replacement therapies, e-cigarettes worked better for the smokers that participated in the research study.

4. Comparatively Small Amount of Chemical in E-cigarettes

A research-based study conducted by Igor Burstyn in 2014 covered the various effects of the chemicals that e-cigarettes produce for the bystanders and the users. It was based on the effect of the vape on the exposed crowd. It was found out that the dreaded amount of exposures were well below 1% of the permissible limit. This goes on to show that it is a negligent matter of concern where chemical in vapor is concerned.

5. E-cigarettes: Tobacco-less Smoking

Use of e-cigarettes to dismiss smoking completely was also reiterated by a study conducted by the Royal College of Physicians. It has explained in wide details about the harmful effects of smoking, efforts to curb current tobacco products it and how e-cigarettes can assist the users to quit smoking. The gist of the complete research goes on to show that it is imperative to promote e-cigarettes and vaping tools to put an end to the smoking habits of the people in the United Kingdoms.

6. E-cigarettes to End your Cravings

Cochrane reviews are mostly searched and accepted reviews for any given topic and their research on the e-cigarettes have also put forth far-reaching results. The research in the controlled trials mentions in the studies showed abstinence from smoking after a period of six months or longer. It concluded with its two trials that e-cigarettes help smokers quit long-term in comparison to placebo. Also, no studies detected serious health effects from vaping for up to two years.

7. Researches, Methods and Problems in E-cigarettes

According to Professor Etter, new methods of testing must be incorporated when it comes to e-cigs. He emphasized doing the research quickly and effectively as the current devices of vaping shall become outdated. He envisaged that since e-cigarettes come out to be safer than the traditional cigarettes and not completely safe, it goes on to create a negative impact on it. Due to a negative attitude, the actual findings are not properly presented. He asked the regulators to keep a check for the unwanted consequences of excessive regulation.

8. Effect on the Smokers and Environment with Traditional and E-Cigarettes

This study was conducted by assembling 5 vapers in the same room to answer the question of how much it affects adversely to the bystanders with the people vaping in the same area. The researchers found no significant changes in the levels of most of the chemical when smoking e-cigarettes. This study was also published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

9. E-cigarettes Can Reduce Asthma-Related Harms

Asthma, being the chronic disease has to be controlled, especially if it is diagnosed in a person that has been a smoke addict. Another influential study shows that by using an e-cig, asthma sufferers can reduce their cigarette use. Two participants were put to test and it came out that lung functioning, asthma control, and airway hyperresponsiveness was improved in both the participants that switched to vaping from smoking traditional cigarettes. Positive results from this study lead the researchers to recommend the controlled use of e-cigarettes.

10. Are Metals Released from E-cigarettes: Health Analysis?

A risk-assessment analysis was done by Dr. Farsalinos and colleagues to study the effects of metals present in e-cigs over the health of the users. It was stated that the use of e-cigarettes is not expected to be of significant health concern for smokers switching to vaping but it can be completely avoided by never smokers. In other words, if you’re a smoker, you’re much better off vaping, but if you’re a non-smoker, you’re better off staying that way.

11. Are Youngsters Getting Addicted to E-Cigarettes?

Limitless use of anything causes dangerous consequences. In the same way, vaping is safe but its uncontrolled usage can have serious effects as well. A series of UK surveys were conducted between 2015 and 2017 to see the extent of youth vaping, including two surveys from ASH, school’s surveys from Wales and Scotland, and the Youth Tobacco Policy Survey It has come out that most of the vaping among youth is experimental, and its regular use can create a sense of addiction. However, due to the relaxed rules in the UK relating to vaping, the data came out to be so big and thus, the negative effects resulting out of unperturbed usage of vaping would be limited to the UK.

12. Fruits, Desserts and Candies are the Favorite Vaping Flavors

An internet survey was conducted by Dr. Farsalinos, Christopher Russell and colleagues in 2018 that covered almost 70,000 adult vapers in the US on the topic of flavors in tobacco products. Most of the responses were received from dedicated vapers. The standard narrative is that sweet flavors are intended to attract non-smokers and youths to vaping. Also, the study showed that a ban on the flavors would primarily affect adults intending to or likely to quit smoking by switching to vaping.

13. Flavored E-cigarettes are More Prevalent among Adults

As shown in the previous research, flavors play a big part to interest the vapers to continue using e-cigarettes in their vaping journey. However, another research showed that non-smoking teens were less attracted to flavors than adult smokers. The interest of the adult smoking group was greatly affected by the presence of e-liquid flavors.

14. Health Impact of E-cigarettes when taken daily

Researchers followed 9 vapers who had never smoked a cigarette for three and a half years, and compared them with a group of 12 never-smokers who didn’t vape and compared their heart rate to measure the rate of changes in their health. In the result of the study, it showed that no harm was caused by the 3.5 years of vaping over the vapers and over the never-smokers’ health as bystanders, by comparing both their baseline measurements as conducted in the experiment. However, they also asserted that some harm may occur at later stages of prolonged smoking of e-cigarettes.

15. Vaping Daily will help you to Quit Smoking

Data provided by ASH in 2017 showcased that people who vape every day are more likely to have quit smoking than people who vape less frequently. It is not completely harmful but not completely harmless too. The survey also came up with interesting data on why people vape and about the vapers’ preferred flavors used an e-cigarette.

Take your Final Call

With the above-mentioned results that have been collected after thorough research by eminent groups of specialists, it can be said easily that you can opt for an e-cigarette to quit smoking. It is less harmful than traditional cigarettes. In addition to saving you from getting a slow death, it brings you back on track. As proved by the researches, it is also a great option for asthma patients in place of smoking. As it is 95% safer than tobacco, you can be sure to safely consume e-cigarette to overpower your cigarette cravings.
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