A Guide to the types of Atomizers used in E-Cigarettes

For using any device efficiently, one must be well versed with most of the terminologies revolving around it. As e-cigarettes are relatively new technology, beginners and even the experienced vapers are facing difficulties in understanding some of the basic jargons used in the vaping world. 

The two main areas of vape devices where a lot of confusion persists are tanks and coils. Many vapers find it difficult to differentiate between closely-related elements like sub-ohm-tanks, atomizers, clearomizers and cartomizers. These vaping devices, even though looks similar, has, in fact, a massive difference between them. Sound knowledge of these essential parts of an e-cigarette should be gained for enjoying vaping at its best mode. So, let’s read on to know more about them.

What exactly is an Atomizer?    

An atomizer is the backbone of a vaping device, responsible for vapourising the e-liquid for inhalation. Without the atomizer, the e-cigarette would simply be useless. In the early days of e-cigarettes, an atomizer was known as the coil which burnt the e-liquid, but later on, the term went to represent the entire vaping tank. The design and construction of an atomizer have changed tremendously over the years, but their roles remain the same, which is to produce fascinating flavours.

Working of an Atomizer

The working of an atomizer is pretty easy to understand. The wick or the wicking material in the atomizer first draws in the e-liquid from the tank. This e-liquid effectively soaks the wick or the cotton surrounding the coils. 

When you press the fire button or draw air through the mouthpiece, it activates the battery, which then powers up the atomizer through electricity. The electric energy produced is converted into heat energy which eventually heats the coils. 

The heat of the coils slowly starts to vaporise the e-liquid in the wick, filling the space around the coils and the mouthpiece until you inhale it. 

As you continue vaping, the wick pulls more and more e-liquid in the atomizer which replaces the liquid that has been evaporated. The atomizer will go on creating the vapours till the time the coil is hot and the wicking material is wet with e-liquid. 

# Different Types of Atomizers

Not all atomizers are the same. The way the atomizer is built plays a key role in determining your vaping experience. It is designed in a wide variety of ways to meet the vaping needs of different users. It is therefore essential to know different types of atomizers that would help you to select the right one. 

Disposable Atomizers: The atomizers which are only of one-time use is known as disposable atomizers. These types of atomizers are usually cheaply made and suits best for those who have just started vaping. Any re-usable vaping device requires a little bit of maintenance, and this is one area rookie vapers hate to do. This is why disposable atomizers prove ideal vaping devices for them. 

Replaceable Atomizers: These are the atomizers that are most popular among the vaping fraternity. Unlike disposable atomizers, you can comfortably change and replace the coils to fulfill your own vaping needs. Even though little expensive than the disposable atomizers, replaceable atomizers offer better features and functions that tremendously enhance your vaping experience. The latter is also cost-effective in the long run as you need to only replace the coils, not the entire atomizer.

Rebuildable Atomizers: If you are looking for an atomizer that will help you to vary flavour, cloud size as well temperature, then nothing can be better for you than rebuildable atomizers. With rebuildable atomizers, you can tweak the resistance of the coils, which is excellent for getting the desired throat hit. 

It is essential to know that these types of atomizers should only be handled by those who are well aware of ohm’s law. Without its knowledge, you might even blow up the battery.

Most vapers possessing a rebuildable atomizer never find any reason to switch, as this atomizer gives them more freedom to customize. 

What is a Sub-Ohm Tank?

Sub-Ohm vaping tanks are those types of tanks having a resistance below 1 ohm. These are mainly used by vapers who prefer bigger clouds with better flavour. Sub-Ohm tanks demand more battery life and generally operates with resistance that pushes the limits of the battery. Hence, these types of vape tanks are strictly not to be used by beginners

What is a Clearomizer?

A clearomizer isn’t exactly an atomizer. It is a large e-liquid tank having an in-built atomizer. Clearomizers have a transparent design which enables you to see the e-liquid level from the outside. For refilling of the e-liquid, you can easily unscrew this, refill and screw it back. The remarkable thing about these types of tanks is its massive e-liquid capacity that supports long-lasting vaping sessions.  

Working of a Clearomizer

If you manage to get the basics of a clearomizer, its operation shall be a cakewalk for you. The process of filling the e-liquid in this tank is the same as to that of any other atomizer. If your clearomizer comes with a kit that doesn’t offer any wattage adjustability, you can readily start vaping.

If you have a variable wattage device, it is recommended to start vaping from a low wattage, then moving slowly to the higher range. Replaceable clearomizers offer you more customization options. If you manage to keep it nice and clean, it can give you a richer and long-lasting vaping experience. 

What is a Cartomizer?

Cartomizers are devices that are lodged in a tiny, sealed cartridge, in contrast to a clearomizer, which has a traditional tank. Cartomizers are attached to the end of a battery. These devices greatly resemble traditional cigarettes which provides it with a classic look. The whole set up consists of an atomizer, wicking material and e-liquid that are installed in a compact casing. The wicking material used in a cartomizer is generally polyester fiberfill, commonly known as polyfill. 

Working of a Cartomizer

The fact that these vaping tanks come prefilled makes it easier to operate. Most of the cartomizers can be used in two simple steps. Screw the atomizer on the battery and press the power button to inhale. It is that incredibly simple. While there are single coil cartomizers available, what you will find most will be dual coil cartomizers. These dual coils help to give a lower resistance for creating big and flavourful vapours. This feature, however, can eat up the batteries pretty quickly. 

With this piece of information, you can now easily differentiate between atomizers, which will help you to buy the ideal one. If you are searching for some high-quality vaping devices, then don’t miss the amazing collection of vape products available at Super Vape Store.  

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