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The number of vaping enthusiasts has been rising over the years. As a result, the actual device and its components too are improving steadily to cater to the increased demand for e-cigarettes. While things started out with the long and slim e-cigarettes, many parts kept getting added to it to enrich the overall vaping experience.

Some components like a more powerful battery ensure that the vaper enjoys the experience for long. On the other hand, the sheer variety in e-juices and improved flavour profile are further fuelling its popularity. Then a totally radical and new addition comes to the list, the pod systems. These are now being considered as viable alternatives to the traditional tank-based or atomizer-based systems.

Let’s take a look at what pod systems are and how their efficient usage can elevate the vaping experience.

What is a pod vape?

PODs or ‘ultra-portable systems’ are conveniently set up vape devices that come equipped with the coil, wick, and e-liquid in these small cartridges or ‘pods’. Thus, you do not have to set them up yourself as it is perfect for a first-timer. It looks like a traditional cartomizer but it is far easier to use and is also immune to leakage.

A cigalike’s battery capacity is typically 180mAh, but a pod system usually has a battery capacity of 300mAh. They have a smaller capacity than most vape pens (around 650 mAh). It is easy to use the pods by just slipping it into place and pulling it out when it is finished. And the best part is that you get it within $25 to $35 which is surprisingly affordable!

Pod systems come in a multitude of shapes. Some of them may look like your average e-cig having a rectangular shape, while others look like box mods and some of them even look like pebbles. They can be operated automatically, where you simply inhale from the tip to vape just as you would do with a cigarette, while others have buttons and such.

Open and Closed Pods

Pod vapes are so simple, that it only gets complicated so far as the two types of pods available: open and closed.

Closed pods are like a cartomiser for an e-cig or cigalike device. It comes pre-filled with e-liquid and cannot be refilled, so you simply throw them away once you are done. The advantage of using them is that it is easier to use, and the disadvantage is that there is not much scope of flavour variety.

An open pod is like an ordinary tank, where it is refillable and gives leeway to a lot of flexibility. The only downside is that they cannot handle higher VG content e-liquid. So with this type of pod, you can use higher PG content and also have fairly high nicotine levels.

Where do nicotine salts come in?

With the introduction of the new POD system vapes came the concerning realisation that it had high-strength e-liquid. The e-liquid uses nic salt, or nicotine salt, as opposed to the usual “freebase” nicotine that happens to be used in most e-liquids.

The thing is, freebase nicotine lowers the acidity of the e-liquid, which allows for a throat hit, which is why it is concerning to see it at such high levels. At the same time, your body can only absorb freebase nicotine as opposed to the salt form of nicotine. So what the creators did was smartly combine the nicotine salt with an acidic element to keep the pH of the liquid from going too high, while allowing the nicotine to be converted to freebase form while vaping.

Hence, with nicotine salt, e-liquid gets you more nicotine without becoming too harsh to vape. Pod systems produce less vapour and do not hit as hard as pod mods, thus nicotine salts and pod systems are compatible with each other.

Advantages to POD system vapes

Should you try a pod vape? Perhaps there are more benefits to using them? Here are some points to consider while making that decision.

  1. Pod vapes have the advantage of being compact, which makes it portable (hence ‘ultra-portable system) and you can take it out of the house. The idea is that it is compact even with all the modifications you would usually get on a much higher budget box mod, which requires the same kind of equipment but discreet. You can choose the pen-cigalike types.
  2. It is far easier to use than normal vape devices as the coil, wick and liquid have all been set up in advance. All you need to do is slip-in the pod in the battery section and out again once you are done using it. Most of the times they are activated by simply inhaling from them. Even refilling a pod system is a breeze.
  3. It is affordable! They are far cheaper than mods, but the cost is only marginally more than a vape pen.
  4. They are far more satisfying to vape since they have higher strength e-liquids.
  5. They produce minimal clouding, which is advantageous when you want to be stealthy or inoffensive.

Disadvantages of POD vapes

Pod systems are not for everyone, in fact, they seem to be catered towards beginners. If you happen to be an experienced vaper, you should keep the following in mind before buying it.

They have really small batteries that may be inadequate for extended periods of vaping on a single charge. A potential upside is that the device’s size becomes smaller with the smaller battery.

  1. They have higher levels of nicotine because it simply works better with them. There may be restrictions in certain countries on the level of nicotine, so depending on where you live, you might need to get it imported.
  2. It cannot support high VG liquid and hence may not be a good fit for activities like cloud chasing.

Parting thoughts

Your vaping experience can reach the greatest heights if you know how these pod mods work. Keeping all of these in mind, you can weigh whether it is the right choice exclusively for you.

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