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Starry 4 Dry Herb Vapouriser by XMAX is ready to vape in only 15 seconds and produces vape clouds you can actually see! The XMAX Starry 4 Dry Herb Vape may look and share most features with the Starry 3.0 Vaporizer but its upgrades include increased heat speed, adjustable airflow control, three timed sessions, screen flip ability and Type C charging. Along with the upgrades, the Starry 4 Dry Herb Vapouriser keeps the replaceable 18650 battery, ceramic oven, auto heat and power-off, conduction heating, haptic feedback, swivel zirconia mouthpiece, easy operation, portable size, decent price and accurate temperature control between 100-240°C, to name a few, that the Starry 3.0 also features.


If all you need to know is how the XMAX Starry 4 Dry Herb Vape differs from the Starry 3.0 Dry Herb Vapouriser, the following list of Starry 4 upgrades may help.

  • Heats up in 15 seconds (half the time of Starry 3.0).
  • Screen flip (changes orientation of display).
  • Three timed sessions of four, six or 10min to choose from.
  • Adjustable airflow control.
  • Includes a dosing capsule.
  • Type C charging port and cable.
  • Includes silicone covers for mouthpiece.
  • Turns off or on by pressing power button three times quickly.

The Starry 3.0 heats up in 30 seconds, only has two times session options, charges via micro USB and turns on or off by holding the power button for three seconds. It doesn't have screen flip, adjustable airflow, included dosing capsules nor silicone mouthpiece covers.

We hope that helps but keep reading for the full list of XMAX Starry 4 Dry Herb Vape features.


Categories XMAX STARRY 4
Brand Topgreen
Battery Capacity Replaceable 18650 3.7V 2550mAh
Charger/Output Voltage 5.0V/1A
Charging Type-C Charging
On/Off Click the Power Button 3 Times
Safety Power Duration 4/6/10 Minutes Optional
Heating Chamber Ceramic with Embedded Heating Element
Display OLED Screen Display Flip
Temerature Range 100℃-240℃(212℉-464℉)
Dimension 115.9*37.5*24mm
Airflow 100% Isolated and Adjustable Control

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