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Coil: Im1 0.4 Ohm
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Geek Vape Shield Coils

These are fabricated for vaping tanks like Shield Tank, Aero Tank, Aero Mesh Tank and Cerberus Sub-ohm tank. These coils give you the right balance of cloud and flavour. There are two coil options which are available, IM1 and IM4. IM1, which is made up of a Single Vertical Kanthal Coil gives you a coil resistance of 0.4 Ohm and runs ideally between 40 and 60 Watts. On the other hand, IM4, which is a Quadruple Ni80 Coil, has a coil resistance of 0.15 Ohm and runs optimally between a wattage range of 60 to 80 W. Both these coils are packed with 100% Organic Cotton.

Specifications of IM1:

Coil Resistance: 0.4 Ohm
Recommended Wattage: 40- 60W
Single Vertical Kanthal Coil

Specifications of IM4:

Coil Resistance: 0.15 Ohm
Recommended Wattage: 60-80W
Quadruple Ni80 Coil

Package Includes:

IM1 0.4 ohm (40-60w)
IM4 0.15 ohm (60-80w)

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