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Introducing the M7 XL, the pinnacle of battery-free vaporizers of 2024. Painstakingly crafted with a sleek stainless steel design and devoid of electronic components, this portable vaporizer offers unparalleled versatility, allowing to indulge in your favorite herbs on the go, anytime, anywhere.

With it's "M" designation, the M XL caters to a spectrum of experiences, from subtle microdosing to full-fledged extraction sessions. Harnessing the power of virtually any heat source, this vaporizer stands ready to elevate your herbal enjoyment. For optimal flavour enhancement, we recommend pairing it with a butane torch or an Induction heater. Discover the freedom of true portability and flavorful vapor with the M7 XL - your ultimate companion for the best herbal experience money can buy. 

 Embark on an epic flavor journey with the new M 7 XL dry herb vaporizer by DynaVap. The new “M” features several updates including:

● Bigger Rips - The M 7 XL Tip chamber/bowl has more mass for heat retention and
allows users greater control over one hit extractions
● Finless Tip design keeps your fingers cool, with up to 20% reduction in heat
transfer from tip to stem
● Even extraction - The refined distribution of mass in the tip and chamber walls
help prevent scorching and hot spots in your material
● More airflow due to redesigned captive cap fitment and increased convection
heating vs previous models
● Airflow control made simple using the new airport design and “Pivot” style rocker
● Microdose ready with our “adjust-a-bowl” that reduces chamber/bowl size by half
● Streamlined design with a textured pattern throughout stem for a pleasant new
look and feel
● Captive Cap engineered to “click” when heated to the optimal vaporization
temperature, offering an exceptional user-controlled session
● M XL Mouthpiece & Adjustable Depth Airflow Condenser
For nearly a decade, The "M" by DynaVap has been one of the most trusted thermal
extraction devices available worldwide. Known for its quality stainless steel construction,
competitive price and delivering big, flavorful hits.

Your new M 7XL comes complete with:

  • DynaVap’s Signature Captive Cap
  • Stainless Steel Tip: M 7
  • Stainless Steel CCD (Screen)
  • High Temp O-Rings (2)
  • Stainless Steel Stem: M 7 (Standard)
  • Stainless Steel Condenser
  • Condenser O-Rings (2)
  • "M" Stainless Steel Condenser Assembly with Mouthpiece

Please Note: Dyavap rushed our order to us as fast as they could, so the packaging has been substituted by them so we could get it moving earlier!

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