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 Hello everyone! I work in a couple of the Super Vape Store shops in QLD and I always get asked the same question by a lot of our clients. "What are you vaping on?" Because of this, I decided to do a bit of digging and let you all know what our team’s staff likes to vape. Everyone has their own preferences and that’s great, in this post I’ve decided to give you all an inside look at the devices some of us have chosen, you'll get to see mine and many more!

My (David's) device of choice:


This device is a Semi-Mech mod Achrohm FUSH with a Bulk RTA sat on top. The device is a bright one and I tend to like my vapes flashy and fun, so this one was an obvious choice for me!

Dan's device of choice:

This device is a Dual-Battery Lost Vape Drone 250C squonk mod with a Wotofo Recurve RDA on top. I will say, I’m not as brave with my picture taking but you know its a perfectly weighted setup based on the pic!

Emily's device of choice:

This device is an Odin mini with a drop RDA. This sleek and smaller design has power beyond the appearance of its size!

Maddy's device of choice:

This device is a Geekvape Aegis Squonk mod with a holic MTL RDA on top. MTL atomizers go perfect on top of the single battery aegis providing an amazing vaping experience!

Josh's device of choice:

 This device is a Vapelustion Hanya mod with a Pyro V2 RDTA on top. This mod even comes with interchangeable side panels to really customize your rig!

Dan's device(s) of choice:

That’s right, he refused to choose just one favourite set up so we have two! The Left is an Asmodus Minikin boost 150W with a dead rabbit V2 on top. The right is a. MVP5 with a berserker MTL RDTA on top. We must admit, we all have more than one device anyway, it gets hard to choose a favourite sometimes!

Sean's device of choice:

This device is a Lost Vape Centaurus with a Kylin Mini 2 on top. Those Centaurus's can be pretty nice and pricey, but no one will have a better looking and functioning mod!

Josh's device of choice:

This device is a Topside Dual squonk mod with an Asgard RDA on top. This RDA is a BEAST and you need a dual battery squonker to get that beastly performance!

Bede's device of choice:

This device is an Odin DNA 250C dual battery mod with a Dead Rabbit v2 RDA on top. Odin's are a prized possession by many and they must be treated as such!  

Luke's device of choice:

This device is a Geekvape Aegis Max with a Holic RDA on top.

It’s hard to think of a better pairing to this device than O.T.T Icy Bliss juice making that hit a beautiful icy MTL experience!

Bayley's device of choice:

This device is a Lost Vape Centaurus with a Vapefly Galaxies RDTA on top. Customizable screen, O.T.T Big Chill and that beautiful plating on the side? Can it get any better?!?

Tori's device of choice:

This device is a… Wait a minute… Oh yeah, almost everyone is a vaper here at Super Vape Store but we have the few that don’t, some have quit smoking and vaping and some simply don’t do either. No matter who you meet at Super Vape Store, we all have a passion for vape and have pride in helping everyone around the world who wants to quit smoking cigarettes! 

We love to hear your progress and we are here to help you every step of the way! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the teams’ devices, not everyone was included but if you like the blog, make sure to let us know if you enjoyed it and we can do a part 2 to round out everyone's favourite devices! Vape on!


-Super Vape Store Caboolture

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Dan has more than three devices. I am so envy.

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