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The newly-released Wire Box product from UD Youde consists of six different kinds of wires. With the 6 in 1 designed wire box, it is very simple to use by just pulling the wire out and cutting to your desired length.

Below are list of the wires:
1. Kanthal A1 26AWG, 10 meter spool
2. Nichrome 26AWG, 10 meter spool
3. NI200 26AWG, 10 meter spool
4. SS 316 26AWG, 10 meter spool
5. Kanthal A1 28AWG*3, 5 meter spool
6. 26+32AWG clapton wire, 5 meter spool

Please use Ni200 wires under the TC-Ni modes of your temperature control box mods.

UD Youde
Unit: 1 Wire Box
Material: Kanthal A1, Ni200, SS316L, Nichrome
Size: 120*55*50mm
Gauge: Kanthal Al: 26Ga/28Ga*3(Twisted)/26Ga+32Ga(Clapton), Ni200: 26Ga, SS316L: 26Ga, Nichrome: 26Ga

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