The Dream Team - Blueberry Granola Greek Yogurt - 60ml


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Blueberry, Granola & Greek Yogurt by The Dream Team (Tucker, Emily & Steve) What a perfect start to the day. Fresh fruit, mountain berries with a crunch of Granola to get you moving. Creamy and thick Greek yogurt smothered over granola oats with the crunch of nuts topped with ripe picked Blueberries from the mountain. The perfect pick me up vape, or dessert vape to ignite those taste buds. Inhale smooth creamy yogurt and granola, exhale Blueberry Granola Greek yogurt by The Dream Team.

60ml Gorilla Bottle

70/30 Vg Pg Ratio

Nicotine level : Contains NO Nicotine ( 0mg Nicotine )

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