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SMOK V8 Coils

Known for delivering high perfomance and an unparalleled airflow. The Quadruple, Octuple and Sextuple coils are modelled to fire at higher wattages. With traditional organic cotton coils and a turbo coil technology, Smok V8 Coils helps to create a richer and deeper vaping experience.

SMOK V8 COILS Specifications:

Q4 - 0.15 Ohm - 50W-180W - (Best: 90-150W)
  • Patented Quadruple Coil Design
  • Smooth and silky taste

X4 - 0.15 Ohm - 60W-150W - (Best 80-120W)
  • Balance of flavour and cloud
  • Double Barrel Pistol Design

T6 - 0.20 Ohm - 50W-240W - (Best: 110-150W)
  • Patented Sextuple Coil Design
  • Balance of cloud production and taste 

T8 - 0.15 Ohm - 50W-260W - (Best: 120-180W)
  • Patented Octuple Coil Design
  • Big taste with big cloud production

T10 - 0.12 Ohm - 50W-300W - (Best: 130-190W)
  • Patented Deca/Decuple Coil Design
  • Kanthal Clapton wire
Package Includes:
  • 1 x 3-Pack SMOK V8-Q4 Replacement Coils

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