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NiteCore UM20 is a perfect little charger that is capable of meeting all your charging needs. Its exceptional design is made for convenience without compromising on the performance. The NiteCore UM20 is laden with premium features that would completely transform the way you think about your batteries. The NiteCore Um20 is capable of charging Li-Ion batteries would powering other devices simultaneously. The NiteCore UM20 is a constructed out of fire resistant material that is durable and extremely safe. The Device is backed by international safety standards that ensure you can charge your batteries safely and quickly. The UM20 automatically stops charging once the batteries are full so you don’t have constantly check on them. From the safety perspective, the UM20 offers reverse polarity protection, Short-circuit protection and a horde of other nifty features. UM20 is a perfect little gadget that would be perfect for enhancing your vaping experience.No batteries included.



Why Choose NiteCore UM20?

  • Intelligent Auto Capacity detection feature
  • Fire resistant material construction
  • Simultaneous charging and external power
  • Spring loaded design for extra convenience when installing or removing batteries
  • Compatible with IMR/Li-ion batteries
  • The detailed visual display lets you keep an eye on battery levels and charging percentage


  • Measuring 3.9 X 2.2 X 1.8
  • 1000mAh maximum output current
  • Micro USB 5V input voltage

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