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Nitecore D4 is a sophisticated 4 channel charger that provides diversity and performance in a single package. The D4’s sleek design, versatile performance, and widely compatible charging capabilities make the best choice for any experienced user. The Nitecore D4 can handle 4 batteries simultaneously that reduces the overall time required to get your batteries in order. This sophisticated charger can handle nearly all types of cylindrical batteries. You also get a detailed LCD display that delivers key information about your batteries. The D4 Nitecore is a fully capable charger that transcends the boundaries of conventional chargers and delivers exceptional results.

No batteries included.

Why Choose Nitecore D4 Charger?

  • 4 channels for charging

  • Capable of handling nearly all kinds of cylindrical batteries.

  • Detailed LCD display

  • An intelligent charging feature that protects against overcharging and current overflow.

  • The intelligent processor automatically detects the type and status of the battery.

  • An auto-shutdown feature once the charging is completed.

  • Fireproof and low heat dissipation construction

  • Durable design that can handle rough use

  • Conveniently placed buttons for easy access.

  • Just plug and charge no more hassles.


  • 5.63 X 3.88 X 1.44 MM size

  • Total output current 750 mAh

  • Detailed LCD display

  • 4 channels

  • Compatible with nearly all cylindrical batteries


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