HUCKABUCK - Malaysian Juice - Malay Mango Ice - 120ml


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What is a HuckaBuck?

Also known as a “cold cup”, or a “dixie cup” is a homemade frozen drink enjoyed by people in southern states of America particularly in Louisiana and in Georgia. It consists of a paper cup that is filled with some sort of sweet liquid and then frozen.

Malay Mango Ice - If you're a mango lover then look no further than Malay (Malaysian) Mango By Huck A Buck. No need to organize passports and flights to experience the world's most exotic fruit, simply pop into your local Super Vape Store and grab a bottle or 2 and enjoy that crisp, sweet, immaculately grown mango from the comfort of your own home. Get one today before they're all gone!

Nicotine level : Contains NO Nicotine ( 0mg Nicotine )

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