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GeekVape Staggered Fused Clapton

A fine quality hand-crafted pre-made coil by GeekVape. They hold a large amount of e-liquids that create unparalleled flavour and performance. This Fused Clapton utilizes five different gauges of Kanthal A1 to present an extra large surface area with a distinct heating pattern measuring up to 0.2 ohm.


  • Hand-crafted by GeekVape
  • Better flavour
  • Unique heating pattern
  • Longer life span

Product Specifications

# Precision Assembled Coils

  - Highly Exotic Builds

# Staple Staggered Fused Clapton Coils

  - Kanthal A1 ffgffkjk

  • Dual Wound 24 Gauge + 32 Gauge
  • Wound 32 Gauge and 20 Gauge
  • 34 Gauge
  • Four Total Wraps 

  - ~0.2 ohms
  - 1mm by 2.6mm Dimensions

# Alien Clapton Coils

  - Kanthal A1

  • Wound 26 Gauge + 16 Gauge + 30 Gauge
  • Five Wrap

  - ~0.5 ohms
  - 1.2mm by 1.75mm Dimensions

Package Includes

  •  One Pair of GeekVape Coils

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