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Size:: SS316L / 28 ga * 2 + 30 ga - ZS11
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Geek Vape N80 Clapton Wires

A well known wire that helps creating an outstanding flavour from the e-liquids. The fused Clapton coils have a faster ramp-up time due to their increased surface area. Its ability to withstand higher wattages with a short heat-up time makes it stand out from the rest of the wires. The high-quality nichrome material ensures that you get nice and clean vapour every time you vape. You also don’t have to worry about any carbon deposits as nichrome effectively prevents it.


  • Ideal wire for great flavour
  • Increased durability and reduced carbon deposit
  • Rapid heat-up time
  • DIY friendly

Product Specifications:

  • N80 Clapton Wire 24g+36g 10ft
  • N80 Fused-Clapton-Nichrome-Wire-26g+36g 10ft
  • N80 Fused-Clapton-NiChrome-Wire-28g+36g 10ft
  • N80 Clapton-Wire-30g+38g
  • SS-Fused-Clapton-Wire-24g-32g 10ft
  • Clapton-Wire-KanthalA1-28g-32g

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 10ft GeekVape N80 DIY Coil Wire

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