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Introducing the New range from Cream Team. Dreams really do come true!

Cinnamon roll lovers rejoice because The Dream Team Cinnaroll will surely defy your expectations of what a great Cinnamon Roll e-liquid should taste like. Just like the real thing Dream Team Cinnaroll has a great tasting fluffy dough dripping with a creamy soft sugary glaze, with added sprinkles of brown sugar!

Brown Sugar i hear you cry just like James Brown! Let the sugary taste hit you while the nutmeg sends your senses sky rocketing to new levels of pure ecstasy! With 100ml to drool over there is plenty to go around. Word of warning, do not leave your Cinnaroll e-juice under your pillow at night as the e-juice fairies will just adore this sugary cinnamon roll e-juice from The Dream Team. Another delicious dessert e-liquid that will have all dessert lovers coming back time and time again.


Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70VG/30PG | Flavor Type: Dessert E-Liquid

Nicotine level : Contains NO Nicotine ( 0mg Nicotine )

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