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The Nitecore SC4 is an exemplary charger perfect for any vaping enthusiasts. Its portability and superb performance make it the charger of choice for any vaper. The Nitecore supports 3A charging and is compatible with multiple types of battery sizes. The Nitecore is perfect for Li-ion as well as LiFePO4 battery types. Each charging bay on Nitecore is controlled by an independent and dedicated chipset that ensures a quick and safe charge. The Nitecore SC4 comes with multiple safety protocols that protect your batteries from short circuit, overcharging, and other dangers. The SC4 is built for convenience its high quality LED provides you with a real-time charging status of each battery. The integrated IMR technology adds another layer of quality and flexibility to the SC4 charger. The intelligent Chipset in SC4 automatically recognizes the battery types and placed ideal protocols for a perfect charge.


Why Choose Nitecore SC4?

  • Intelligent charging feature introduces amazing convenience
  • The dedicated chipset for each charging bay for a secure and quick charge
  • Real-time Charging status for each battery
  • Short-Circuit and Overcharging protection safety feature
  • IMR battery recovery breathes life back even in damaged batteries
  • The integrated fins keep the batteries within safe temperature at all time


  • 6A total current output
  • Quick Charging mechanism
  • Measuring 165 X 110 X 45 MM

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