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Installing coils is one of the trickiest part of any build. A tool that can simplify this complex process is guaranteed to save you a ton of time and substantially improve the quality of your build. The Avidastrian Daedalus is by far one of the best calpton wire tool that you can get on the market.  It is super convenient and easy to use. The Avidastrian Daedalus is a perfect choice for DIY enthusiasts. This tool lets you easily build Clapton wires for your builds. The Avidastrian Daedalus kit contains a myriad of tools that let you easily handle and manipulate Clapton wires. A simple design, easy instruction, and electric power all make the Avidastrian Daedalus a perfect build buddy.

Why Choose Avidastrian Daedalus?

  • Speed control switch so you can easy control the pace of your build
  • USB power compatible that lets you easily deal with Clapton wires
  • Simple operation
  • Swivel Coast lock that lets you firmly grab and manipulate Clapton wires
  • A superb assistant that lets you handle all your Clapton wires
  • Includes myriad of cool tools that let you handle multiple wire maneuverability requirements



  • Measuring  125 X 45 80 MM

Includes Swivel Lock, Smart coil, Springs, and tool clamps  

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