Super Vape Store Sweet Eliquid Range

Are you looking for your favourite dessert and sweet flavoured e-liquids? Whether its cheesecake, cookies & cream, bubble-gum, black liquorice or something else we have a perfect e-liquid flavour for you!

These flavours are very strong and provide an excellent vape. All orders are mixed fresh and over the first few weeks the flavour will get stronger and richer. You can now have your favourite dessert and sweet flavours all day long without the excessive calories!

All e-liquids are made fresh using Australian food grade ingredients, unless otherwise stated.

Featured Flavours:
Cookies & Cream: This is one of our most popular dessert & sweet flavours. It has a strong smell that will just make you want to eat it! Its a fantastic rich flavour that provides one of the best vaping experiences.

Tutti Frutti Bubblegum: If you love bubblegum then you will love this flavour! Containing a variety of candy fruit flavours this is a fantastic all day vape.