Wide variety of MTL (Mouth To Lung) Tanks from all the best vape manufactures around the world. Top quality MTL tanks from Aspire and more.

What is an MTL (Mouth To Lung) tank?

Below we will explain exactly why you might want to consider using a MTL tank. Many people who are introduced to vaping for the first time start with MTL vaping. The reason for this is because most MTL starter kits will try and replicate the sensation of having a real cigarette. Just like you smoke a real cigarette, vaping on MTL tanks replicate the same draw process. First you draw vapor into your mouth, and then inhale it to your lungs, just like a real cigarette right?

Going back to the beginning of time when e-cigarettes were born, everything was a MTL device. Firstly everything was like a cig-a-like device that literally replicated the look of a real cigarette. Then came larger e-pens or e-sticks that may of had a variable voltage dial on them, these would have a smallish tank that would hold e-juice and have a high resistance coil inserted in it. At this point in time there were no vape devices powerful enough to fire up what we now call sub ohm vaping on coils lower than 1.0 Ohm.

The Tight Draw

One of the main features of MTL vaping is the tight draw, this is accomplished by a number of features that are present on most, if not all MTL vaping tanks:

Restricted Airflow To The Coil - This ensures you will have some resistance when vaping, just like a real cigarette you need to feel the restriction when you draw from the MTL device. Unlike DL (Direct Lung) atomiser tanks that have a large and open airflow channel to the coils. 

Single Round Wire High Resistance Coils - Most MTL coils are higher in resistance, generally 1.0 Ohm and above. The higher the resistance of the MTL coil the lower the wattage output will be. Most MTL coils are also made from fine round wire so that it can not vaporize too much e-juice at once. This allows the user to use high nicotine levels compared to DL users that use much lower nicotine levels to get that throat hit.

Tighter Chimney Flutes  - A tight chimney flute is essential to deliver that throat hit while at the same time providing you with enough flavour from the e-juice to keep it enjoyable.

Small Rounded 510 Drip Tips -  Once again using a 510 drip tip is all about creating that restricted airflow draw. MTL tanks are all about the tight draw and the throat hit, while DL tanks with their larger wider 810 Drip tips are more about massive airflow options, flavour & cloud production.

Why use an MTL tank?

Its all about helping you the user to quit the horrible smelly killer cigarettes. Most beginners start with MTL because as we all know quitting smoking can be extremely difficult. So the option of replacing smoking with something that has been proven by the UK Government Health department to be 95% better has to be a great option to take. And using MTL tanks can make this so much easier, as you are replicating that feeling you get from a cigarette, but with a lot less carcinogens than what is in cigarettes!


How to set up your MTL tank

It is essential to prime your MTL coil before you attempt to actually take your first draw on your MTL device. If you do not prime your MTL coil then you may run the risk of what we call a DRY HIT when you fire up your vaping device.

Priming Your Coil: Most MTL coils are very different  in look and style, so this being said there really isn't a set amount of e-liquid you need to put on your coil to start with. The smaller the MTL coil is the less e-juice it will take to properly prime it. For very small MTL coils like the Kangertech  MT32, hardly any priming is required, but for larger MTL coils like the Aspire Nautilus X MTL Coils  squeeze your e-liquid in the middle of the coil, just enough to make it look wet but not saturated. Some MTL coils also have holes on the side of the coils, if this is the case then you can also squeeze some juice into these side slots making the cotton look wet on the sides. then screw it on to the atomizer tank.

Next simply fill the tank up to the top with e-juice and close the tank properly so you do not get any leakage issues. If primed correctly you can choose to vape on it immediacy or you can let it sit for a while to let the e-juice prime the coil even more naturally.

Before priming your coil check for the recommended wattage of your coil. You will find this information either on the coil itself or the box it came in. We recommend to first fire it at below the recommended wattage. So if its recommended wattage level is 15w to 20w then start around 10w, take 3 or 4 small light draws before increasing the wattage up to 15, repeat this again and increase the wattage up a few more spots until you find your sweet spot. If you do fire the coil above the recommended wattage level then you are more than likely going to burn the coil and get a very nasty horrible taste called a dry hit.

Apart from it tasting disgusting, this really is not very good for you, breathing in more nasty chemicals than you should be!

Always remember that you are vaping and NOT smoking. Just because you smoke do not think vaping is the same. Many hard core smokers when vaping for the first time may find themselves coughing and sputtering. It is basically because it is different to smoking, you may feel a slight tickling effect that makes you cough, you have to persist for a few days until your throat passage gets used to it. Please be a little persistent, its worth it in the end!

The Many Advantages of Vaping On MTL Tanks

Size Does Matter - 
Sometimes size matters and most MTL tanks are generally smaller than sub ohm tanks so much easier to have on you. Most sub ohm tanks are larger and generally go on larger mods also.

Less E-juice Consumption - 
MTL tanks use much less e-liquid that sub ohm tanks, the reason is because of the size of the coil and the size of the tank itself. Most MTL coils have very small wick holes in the shell of the coil meaning less e-liquid on the coil, which leads to lower e-juice consumption.

Stealth vaping - 
Most people will use a MTL device when they want to have a sneaky vape. Most people like to call this 'stealth Vaping'. With much less vape produced from nearly all MTL coils its the best way to vape if you do not want to be noticed.

Nic Salts - 
While technically nic salts are the best fit for starter kits and pod systems, more and more MTL tanks come with coils designed for nic salt compatibility.

Less leaks - 
Once upon a time there really was no such thing as a “leak-proof” tank, however with advancements in the vaping industry we are as close as we are going to get. The quality of most big vape brand tanks are now excellent. MTL tanks have a much smaller and tighter airflow channel  this ensures that leaks should be at a minimal. 

Longer lasting Coils -  
MTL coils generally last longer than Sub Ohm coils due to the fact that less wattage and less e-juice is running through your MTL coils.

A few Disadvantages of MTL tanks

VG/PG - Sticking to lower VG E-Liquids - Most MTL coils have smaller wicking and much smaller coils in general. This makes it hard for MTL coils to wick properly when using high VG base e-juice. Best to stick at 60/40 or max 70/30 VG to Pg Ratio.

Less Vapour production - 
Were not really sure if this is a disadvantage but some people might think so while others might prefer it. Most MTL tanks will not produce you loads of vape cloud, its much more of a stealth vape which many people prefer.

Small Tanks - Most MTL tanks are smaller in size, however this too really isn't such a big deal because as mentioned MTL takes run on much lower power settings meaning you will not vaporize so much e-liquid.