The Vaping community constantly remains on the search for new and amazing flavours. There are numerous companies that offer different flavours and concentrates for Vapers but none can compare to the diversity and quality of the Capella Concentrates. These flavour drops are perfect for discovering new and unique flavours that are absolutely stunning. The superb range of flavours, unique aroma and distinct taste of the Capella concentrates makes them a perfect product for Vapers. The Custard flavour offered by Capella took the vaping world by storm and is now considered to be one of the most popular vaping flavours. The Capella Flavors are made with the finest ingredients to provide the consumers with unique, unadulterated, and pure flavour.  Check out these amazing concentrates to discover an entirely new side of vaping.

The application for Capella concentrates are endless you can use them in multiple beverages, dishes, and drinks. The unique quality of the Capella concentrates would open new avenues of vaping experience for you.

Why Capella?

  • Corn, Peanuts, and Derivative-free concentrates
  • Vegan-Friendly (No Animal ingredients of any kind)
  • Gluten, Caffeine, & Preservative Free
  • A huge range of flavours
  • Amazing taste
  • Sugar-Free for those who like it pure
  • Ultra Low-calorie solutions
  • Unadulterated, highest quality of flavour