What is Sub Ohm Vaping? Complete Guide and Tips For Sub Ohm Vaping
Sub Ohm Vaping is becoming a very popular trend. The number of people who are using these sub-ohm tanks and blowing big clouds is on an increase with each passing day. Using the regular e-cigarettes is quite common, but if you wish to take your vaping journey to a whole new level with better flavour, warmer vapour, and thicker clouds, then sub-ohm vaping is the way to go.

What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping is all about producing more vapour, and thereby more flavour. Sub ohming is a process wherein vaping is done on a device with a resistance of coil lesser than one ohm. This increases the power output and thereby creates more flavour.

Advantages of Sub Ohm Vaping

Enough said about sub ohming, let’s cut the clutter straight away and see why sub ohming is the latest fad?

 # More Flavour

Sub ohming is all about a heated coil, which in turn produces more heat and converts more juice into vapour, thus providing you with a richer flavour.

 # Warm Vapour

If you love warm vapour, sub-ohm vaping is definitely going to satisfy your temptations. If you want to try even warmer vapour, get hold of a stainless steel mouthpiece which will take your vaping experience to a new level!

 # Clouds

Sub-ohm vaping is all about fun! It is just sensational when you experience massive plums of vapour coming from your nostrils and mouth.

Are You Perfectly Equipped in Order to Sub Ohm?

Before you actually start your journey into sub-ohm vaping, it is vital that you are aware of some of the important aspects of getting into it. To get started, it is noteworthy to know that sub-ohm vaping is more expensive. The juice, the device, the coils - they all cost more money than the regular E-cigs! Here are some vital aspects of sub-ohm vaping to consider:

 # The battery

The point I can’t stress enough on is ‘battery safety’. Make sure you get a good battery, don’t just go on eBay and get a cheap sub ohming battery because you might end up buying a cheaper version, which can prove to be dangerous. Sub-ohm vaping is when you go below 1 ohm, and if you go above 1 ohm, it is just normal vaping. This is the reason why you need a good quality battery. Sub-ohm vaping causes more drain on the battery because more power is required to heat up the coils that make your battery work a lot harder than it normally would.

 # The Coils

The coils on getting heated vaporize the juice. Every device comes with its own set of wire gauge mentioned. Wire gauge generally ranges between 22AWG to 32AWG. The number of gauge wire is inversely proportional to the thickness of the wire. The lower number denotes thicker wire and the higher number refers to a thinner wire.

Think of it as a straw, if the straw is thicker you get more water into your mouth. So if the device has a higher wire gauge, then the resistance of the build would be higher making it harder for the current from the battery to pass through. This, in turn, slows the heating process of the coil leading to a slower usage of the juice giving you less vapour. Same goes for ohms: higher the ohms, higher the resistance.

 # The E-Liquid and Vapours

When you get into sub-ohm vaping, be considerate to others. Don’t blow those huge clouds in people’s faces in public. The 50/50 blended liquid does work but you won’t get as many clouds. So if you want to go cloud chasing, change the liquid base. If you are into big clouds then you might want to go for something that is somewhere around 70/30 blend e-liquid. This means 70 VG, 30 PG. PG is Propylene Glycol and VG is your Vegetable Glycerin. The difference between the two is that VG is a thicker juice and it will wick better in your sub-ohm tanks. These tanks work real fast for vaporizing, so if your juice is thicker, it works well providing more clouds and lasts longer. While you are at this, half your nicotine strength otherwise you will find it way too strong. Sub ohming makes the nicotine a lot stronger!

Do your research on the vaping coils and know what its limits are in terms of wattage. If you keep hitting the limit, you might end up burning your coil and that will, in turn, cost you more.

Sub-ohm vaping provides a more flavourful experience. This largely depends on the coil resistance and the liquid you use. If the coil resistance is low and the juice is thicker, you will get a burst of flavour every time you take a drag. Further, due to coil heating, there is a lot more vapour so be ready to experience lung hit and throat hit!

In a Nutshell

Sub-ohm vaping is the new trend among vapers. Instead of following the trend blindly, it is highly recommended to learn more about sub ohming in detail and then go for it. While sub-ohm vaping undoubtedly provides more flavour, stronger throat hit, and more vapour, it is fairly expensive too; you will end up spending more on buying e-juices and compatible equipment. However, this is a small price to pay for the advantages that sub-ohm vaping provides.

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