Vaping Etiquettes – Make Your Vaping A Socially Acceptable Style
E-cigarette usage in public will always be a political and social issue. While various governments sponsor strict rules for indoor smoking that tend to incorporate e-cigs into these existing smoke-free regulations, the major difficulty is faced by vapers who are stuck in a tight spot when it comes to using e-cigarettes. Though vaping doesn’t release the vast majority of harmful chemicals found in smoking, the ignorance of this fact has made people judge the vapers as harmful, fog-breathing polluters. So the primary questions which arise as a whole - What stance vapers should take to tackle this situation? Should they vape freely without thinking much about the inconvenience of their surroundings?

Well, taking all these queries into consideration, listed below are a few socially and politically accepted vaping rules and etiquette which a vaper should adhere to:

1) Select Time and Place to Vape

Your vaping in public is decided by silent rules, all thanks to the governing laws in your state. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it’s a necessity for you to cultivate some proper vaping etiquette that reflect convenience and politeness. Vaping etiquettes are not only necessary to introduce a gracious personality but should also be followed as per the emerging vaping laws.

Pleasure attained from an e-cigarette is best when you select a proper time and place to puff it. It’s absolutely fine to smoke an e-cigarette in your house or in a lonely park. But you should think twice in crowded places, in your colleague’s house or at a private commercial place as your conduct may be thought of as inconsiderate. It is important for you to know the key distinction between a happy vaper and a negligent one.

2) Avoid Vaping When You Spot a ‘No Smoking’ Board

It might be technically correct to say that vaping is different from smoking and it may not violate certain state laws to vape in places with a ‘no smoking’ board. However, strictly speaking, whether you vape or smoke, both of these activities appear distasteful and can cause inconvenience to people, especially in these areas, where a board of ‘no smoking’ is present.

3) If Unsure, Simply Inquire

Social etiquettes are defined by the place you’re in, so if you have any doubts about puffing your e-cigarette, it is always better to inquire. Many states have and will classify e-cigs as a tobacco product making it illegal to vape just the same as smoking. If you can’t smoke there we recommend not to vape.

It is highly recommended to check with your state government on the exact laws regarding electronic cigarettes.

4) Avoid Generating Heavy Vapor Clouds

Releasing heavy eCig fumes isn’t always good. The eCig technology advancements have made vapers go crazy over the highest quality mods. Many vapers treat the heavy vapour clouds as the ultimate moment of eCig smoking and are eager to try out the strong atomizers that generate monster clouds. While this might be an ultimately thrilling experience for you, a non-smoker can find it extremely annoying if you constantly exhale huge vapour clouds around the person.

Some Best Vaping Tips and Practices

Make your vaping experience completely enjoyable and secure by following these vaping tips.

a) The Perfect Nicotine Strength

The best nicotine strength lies in a perfect balance. Too much strength overfills your body with a strong hit in the throat, and minimal nicotine strength makes the e-cigarette taste dull. So, finding the exact nicotine strength can be achieved through trial and error.

b) Optimum Storage of Nicotine E-liquid

Perfect handling and storage of e-liquid help to preserve its taste. It should be stored in a dark and cool place, as low temperatures tend to avoid the natural chemical processes in the liquid, thus delaying the bacterial growth. If you have a cupboard beyond the reach of sunlight, that is an ideal spot.

It is highly recommended to store the liquid in the refrigerator in case of long term storage. Transfer the liquid into an air-tight tinted glass bottle for retaining its flavour, longevity, and potency.

c) Extend the Battery Life for a Fulfilling Vaping Experience

Lithium-based battery charging: The lithium-based batteries retain charge for longer durations and should be charged completely for 8 hours prior to their initial use. Above all, a battery’s size, age, your inhaling capacity, and the surrounding temperature ultimately decides the single charge potential of your battery.

# Preservation of your E-Cig battery: The life-span of your lithium-ion battery gets affected by heat as well as direct sunlight. Preserve your extra batteries in a cool and dry area and protect them from humidity as well. Storing batteries with a complete charge is recommended. Stop preserving them with 50% or below charge, as it would drain them faster.

d) Maintain a Clean Battery and Tank Threads

It is vital to keep the threads between the battery and the tank tidy. Dirt, grime and moisture can damage the battery. So, to tidy up the threads adjoining the tank and battery, make use of a cotton swab.

e) Don’t Overfill your Tank with E-liquid

It is a common error to overfill your vaporizer with an excess of e-liquid. Leakage of e-liquid on the battery can obstruct the electrical circuit, causing battery damage and breaking your device. If you have a leaking tank it is recommended to fix it or find a replacement so it doesn’t do damage to your device.

f) Recharge your E-cigarette Battery Before it Completely Dies Out

Recharge your battery when it starts to get low. Don’t wait for your battery to die completely before charging it back again. This would interfere with the life of your battery, and would further delay the charging processes. Professional vapers maintain a cycle of batteries handy for uninterrupted vaping.

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