Squonking Guide

We have witnessed a massive rise in popularity for squonking among e-cig enthusiasts. The reason is not very difficult to grasp. The method offers a world of convenience when compared with other methods like RDAs which needs constant dripping and are far less portable.

So here is the complete know-how about Squonking and the brief guidelines that ensure the allowed and prohibited actions related to the devices that produce the vapour, otherwise known as mods.

What is Squonking?

Squonking is actually vaping without having to manually drip the e-liquid into the coil. A squonking device or mod will have e-liquid bottle within it. Its upper end is connected to a bottom feed RDA (as the liquid is fed upwards). You simply need to squeeze the bottle inside the mod to saturate the cotton present in the machine. This will let you enjoy a flavourful vaping experience on demand, without stopping to pour the e-liquid. The mod may be reconfigured to hold the liquid volume of your choice.

The bottom-feeder atomizer gets the e-liquid, which in turn, soaks the cotton wick and coil on demand. The flavour intensities, the puffs remain the same, and there is no need of wetting the wick again and again. So if you are on the move or need convenience, then squonking scores way above traditional drip-based RDAs

How Does Squonking Work?

The answer is simple to understand. As mentioned earlier, Squonking is nothing but mechanically assisted vaping. The mechanism or the instruments that are prepared by vape enthusiasts can take bottles of various volumes containing the e-liquid. The machines or mods are made up of the following;

  • A bottom-feed rebuildable drip atomizer (RDA).
  • A reservoir of the e-juice.
  • A tube that connects the reservoir and the RDA.
  • A battery that can heat up the coil and create the vapour for Squonking.

When you squeeze the e-juice bottle, the liquid is pressured upwards into the RDA by the feeder tube which then saturates the cotton wick. After the bottle has regained its shape, you just need to fire up the coil to produce the vapour and enjoy the vaping experience you were longing for. The vacuum created by the reshaping of the e-liquid containing bottle will retract any leftover juice. You just have to squeeze again when you feel the flavour is diminishing or a burnt taste is emanating from the mod.

Benefits of Squonking       

Some of the key squonking benefits are listed below:

  • Time: The use of the internal e-liquid bottle has made the process of dripping on the wick not necessary. A simple squeeze is enough to saturate the wick for vaping. If you have an RTA, then you do not need to open the tank to pour e-liquid into it. So, the squonking mods actually save a lot of time.
  • Less baggage: You do not need to carry the bottle of e-liquid with you to drip or pour into the tank. The internal arrangement houses the bottle to be squeezed at will.
  • Minimal leakages: In regular vaping, e-liquid leakage was a major issue. But in squonking, such leakage is minimal as the liquid flows back to the bottle placed below the bottom feeder RDA.

Regulated or Unregulated Squonks

The concept of “regulation” in squonking is actually a safety measure devised to protect the user from any accidents. As the squonk mod kit requires batteries and electrical coils, the chance of accidental explosions is present. Therefore, the difference between regulated and unregulated squonks can be assessed in the following ways;

  • Regulated mods have VW/VV chipsets that allow the user to determine the wattage or voltage of their liking, whereas in the unregulated mods; the raw power of the battery is unleashed, depending upon the resistance of the build.
  • Regulated mods have a wide array of in-built safety features that exclude most of the worries regarding battery safety, whereas in unregulated squonk vape machines the user has to build himself using Ohm’s law and knowledge of battery security. Some of the hugely produced unregulated mods now have features to prevent shorts.
  • In regulated mods, the temperature of vaping could be determined, whereas, in unregulated squonk mods, this feature is not available.

Users can overcome this issue by going for only reputed brand names that have factory-build devices. Plus vapers can practise due diligence and buy genuine batteries form known names like Sony or Samsung. 

Who should Squonk?

Any person who has a liking to vape can try or adapt squonking as the new hobby, and for every person; the underlying reason has to be different. If you like the cloud and the vapour, then squonking will enhance your experience. If you are a dripper, then you can choose to cross the remaining distance and become a member of the squonk camp. The other reasons for switching to squonking can be;

  • Tired of manually filling up: The new squonk mod kit contains more e-liquid than a regular RDA mod bottle. The time and energy spent to manually refill the mods can be cut by a significant amount by simply squeezing the bottle.
  • No fuss: A great benefit is that there is no chance of spilling over the e-liquid bottle while dripping and wasting the expensive and mess-causing liquid. Therefore, you can switch over to squonking if you feel the process of refilling is cumbersome or can become a messy vaping mistake.
  • Quick and time-saving: As an on-the-go vaper, you will need to donate some of your time for refilling the bottle of e-liquid. As a squonker, you just need to squeeze the in-built bottle and savour the experience without taking any break from your work.

In conclusion

The choice of squonking depends solely on the user. So, if any individual is thinking about taking up squonking, firstly knowing about it and then checking the relevance would be a judicious and smart choice!

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