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If you have already made a transition from traditional smoking to ecigs, we feel you. This is because vaping is a subtle art. You need to know the right temperature to get the perfect hit, and knowledge of how to build a coil.

Thankfully, there are plenty of mobile apps available to us today that can guide you throughout the process.

In this article, we will have a closer look at essential apps which acts as quitting tools and saving calculators, Ohm’s law, and e-juice mixing calculators.

Here is the list of essential apps that a vaper can use to be on a path of righteousness:

1. Quit Now

 Available for both iOS and android

The journey to quit smoking is a tough path to travel alone. Quit Now app brings the community together and helps you share the progress and reach your goals. With over millions of users, this app helps you to be motivated. Additionally, it helps to keep a track of money saved, health benefits and others.

2. Vape Tool

Available for android

Vape Tool is an app that is most commonly used by vapers. This app helps you to keep a check on your milestones achieved so far. Apart from the features like money saved, cigarettes avoided and the like, this app also comes equipped with e-liquid mixer calculator and recipe book. This app is absolutely free for android users.

3. Ohm’s Law

Available for iOS

Ohm’s law app is there for you to tell you about the amount of nicotine consumed by you. It is just like a handy pocket calculator for any vapor to make the best of his e-liquid. It helps you by providing an estimate of how much battery a particular mod setup would consume and the like. To sum up, it is a very simple app, best suited for the beginners and also available freely to the iOS users.

4. Vape Toolbox 

Available for android

Always wanted a coil builder tool and an ohm calculator? Well, this app is a handy tool to meet your needs.

This app is a perfect pick for you if you want to build your own coil. Specifically, the app consists of four tools namely Wire Cutter (calculates the length of wire requires for proper resistance), Coil Builder (calculates the number of wraps the coil needs), Power Tool (basically an ohm’s calculator which helps in determining the power or voltage to be used) and Converter (a conversion tool that helps in converting inches to mm).

This app is available for free for android users.

5. Coil Calculator

Available for both iOS and android

As the name suggests, this app would help you in building your own coils by calculating the number of wraps needed, length of wire required and the resistance of the coil. All you need to know are: the type of coil that is used, the required resistance of the coil and the diameter of the coil. Unlike the Vape Toolbox, this app is also available for iOS users.


6. E-Juice Lab

Available for android

E-Juice Lab is basically a calculator for DIY e-liquid mixers. It helps in determining the amount of nicotine, VG, and PG based on the PG/VG ratio and strength of the nicotine. Additionally, this app is capable of doing the tough calculations.

This app is worth a try as it is user friendly and available for free.


Wrapping Up

We hope that this article would have provided you with a list of apps that you would ever need to make the most out of vaping. Since the apps mentioned above are mostly free of cost, they will help you in exploring vaping to its best.

It ultimately depends on what you are exactly looking for, which device you use and what kind of information you need.

What are your views on this? Which app is on your list? Do share your inputs with us in the comments below!

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