Vapes and recycling

In the modern era, people are finally starting to realise that our planet isn't just here to be a dumping ground for everyone's waste. If you are conscious of how much waste you are putting out into the world, then this is just the guide for you. Not many people know but most vape related waste can be easily recycled, it's always best to check the packet or box to see the specific recycling method to use but you should always rinse vape bottles and coils before recycling.


If your coil can easily be removed from your vape, it can be easily recycled too! to recycle your coils you will need to remove the cotton inside which can be done with tweezers, after that you can rinse it with water and chuck the metal in your household recycling.


Tanks/RTA’s/RDA’s can also be recycled in your household recycling after separating the glass from the metal and rinsing off any e-liquid.


Juice bottles or e-liquid bottles are mostly all recyclable. If made of glass all you will need to do is rinse and put in your household recycling, plastic bottles will have a number on the bottom to specify how they are recycled, most will have the number 1 which means they can be easily recycled in your household recycling after being rinsed for remaining e-liquid. 


Pod devices are a little trickier, pods are mixed plastic, metal and cotton with no easy way to separate them. pods can not be recycled but still should be rinsed before throwing away.


Batteries, vape batteries are lithium-ion batteries and must be disposed of at a battery disposal bin. These can be found at your local Officeworks, battery world and even some supermarkets. before disposing of these batteries please wrap them in electrical tape.

Today we are all looking to reduce our rubbish and try to be greener in our everyday life, switching from smoking to vaping is an excellent first step. The average smoker smokes 13 cigarettes a day totalling 182 butts a fortnight not including the packets themselves; and for the majority it may be even more than that, the average vaper will use one coil a fortnight! 

If you are looking to reduce what goes in the bin even further the next step would be to take a look into DIY juice and coils. 

DIY Coils - Rebuildables

When using a rebuildable atomiser (RTA,RDA,RDTA) one coil can last a month or even longer if cleaned frequently reducing the number of coils you throw away a year from 26 to 12 or less  (or 4,732 cigarette butts). Learning to build can be tricky but once you get the hang of it, it can take no time at all to switch that old coil out. There are tons of videos on rebuildable devices on youtube or just head down to your local vape store! We are always happy to go over devices and help you with your builds. 

DIY Juice

On average a person will use 120ml of vape juice a month so that's four 30ml bottles, two 60ml bottles or one 120ml bottle depending on the size you usually buy. But by making your own juice you can reuse your bottles for a long time. A glass bottle can be reused indefinitely while a plastic bottle may retain some flavour or smell of certain juices. 

You can buy VG/PG in bulk bottles that are best kept in cold dark places and flavour concentrates can be bought from 8ml tester sizes up to litres. Making your own juice is easy and experimenting with flavours is fun ! you only add 5-10% concentrated flavour so a little goes a long way, then you fill the remaining bottle with your VG/PG (70%vg,30%pg) is ideal but you can have any variation you like, more VG will be smoother as more pg will give you more of a throat hit.

 While vaping we have so many opportunities to improve our own health but also to improve the health of our planet just from quitting smoking we have saved so much waste but our opportunities to do better are endless.


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