Top 3 Juices To Pair With Your Morning Coffee

One of the things I love most about vaping is playing around with flavour combinations. One thing i have found is that just because there is coffee in my cup that doesn't mean the best flavour to have in my tank is coffee. Sometimes it is better to find flavours that complement each other rather than vape the same thing you are drinking. Here are my top 3 flavours to have with my morning coffee! 

Jooze Caramel Tobacco 

I never thought I would like tobacco flavours but I quickly realised that most of them will taste like fresh tobacco rather than a lit cigarette. Tobacco flavours are great when you aren't wanting something super sweet to pair with your coffee. Jooze Caramel Tobacco offers the perfect blend of smooth caramel and savoury tobacco. This is the combo I get up for each morning. 

Nasty Bronze Blend 

This is another multi-layered tobacco flavour. Nasty Bronze Blend is a vanilla and caramel tobacco. When I am looking for that super creamy flavour to complement my coffee but still want the tobacco kicker, this is the first flavour i reach for. What a great way to start the day. 

Big Boss Caramel Candy

Now this usually isn't the juice I will pair with my morning latte but rather that sunday afternoon Coffee Frappe. This flavour has notes of toffee caramel, coffee and ice cream with a slight cool kick to it. There is no better way to spend an afternoon than with this juice in my tank and an ice cold coffee in my hand.  

-Super Vape Store Tweed Heads

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