The Weather and Vaping 

The Weather and Vaping 

Super Vape StoreDaniel Fisher
Many vapers are unaware of just how much the weather can affect your vaping experience. Both hot and cold weather can cause a number of issues with...

The "Vapetionary"

AustraliaDaniel Fisher
There are a lot of terms and phrases that are used in the vaping world that as a beginner you may have never heard before. Understanding these can make things a little easier when it comes to purchasing, maintaining and using your device.
My Quitting Story - Taine

My Quitting Story - Taine

AustraliaDaniel Fisher
Buying your first vape can be a scary, unsettling experience. I sure know mine was. Hindsight is 20/20 so I’m hoping that by sharing my story with you, you can learn from my mistakes and get off on the right foot with your vaping journey.
Vape Types

All You Need to Know About Different Types of Vapes

NewsAxel Fox
The people who are being introduced to the fad of vaping need to know about the different procedures and devices. Here in this blog some of the facts are presented.
Best Vape E-Liquids

Best Selling E-Liquids of the Year in Australia

AustraliaAxel Fox
If you are looking for the best e-liquid flavours to enhance your vaping experience, we have provided a detailed list just for you. Check it out now.
Vaping is Safe

15 E-Cigarette Studies To Validate That It’s Safe

E-cigaretteAxel Fox
Get an overarching view of the research-based data that shows how the use of e-cigarettes proves to be a lot better for you than the traditional cigarettes.
Tips to Store Your Vape Juices in a Better Way

Tips to Store Your Vape Juices in a Better Way

E-LiquidsAxel Fox
Wondering how to make your e-liquids last much longer? Click through the article to get the 8 best tips for making your e-cigs last longer.