Switching from Smoking to Vaping? Read the Beginner Guide

What is Vaping?

If you are a beginner and are looking forward to quitting smoking by vaping, you first need to know what vaping actually means. Vaping is a process wherein an e-cigarette or a personal vaporizer is used to smoke instead of a normal cigarette. And, the person who vapes is called as a ‘vaper’.

What Does an E-Cigarette Look Like and What it Contains?

An e-cigarette is an electronic alternative to a traditional tobacco cigarette. In this, the tobacco is replaced by glycerin, propylene glycol, food flavors and a small quantity of nicotine. Initially, e-cigarette was created in China by a pharmacist named Hon Lik.

Today, there is a range of e-cigarettes available in an array of designs, sizes, and shapes. Irrespective of the type of e-cigarette, they all are powered by a vaporing device consisting of a lithium battery which heats a coil wire. The battery heats the coil, and as soon as e-liquid comes in contact with the coil, it gets vaporized. This whole process of inhaling electronically generated vapors is called vaping.

Parts of an E-Cigarette

Irrespective of a large collection of vaping devices that we all have with us today, almost all e-cigarettes are powered by the same mechanism. The common components of an e-cigarette include:

  • Vaping device

Vaping devices are available in a large variety of colors and designs. They can be customized on the basis of the requirement of the user. A vaping device can be as simple as a tube, pen, or can be shaped in the form of a traditional cigarette as well. All the vaping devices ultimately serve a common purpose of extracting the power from the battery and delivering it to the atomizer.

  • The battery

The battery is one of the most important parts of an e-cigarette which produces the power.  While some vaping devices make use of a replaceable battery, the most commonly used vaping devices make use of non-replaceable lithium batteries. It is a non-replaceable battery which supplies power to the device to vaporize the e-liquid to generate vapor.

  • Atomizer

An atomizer is nothing but a reservoir that holds the liquid. When needed, it releases the liquid at a slower rate to generate vapors. This helps in producing the vapor in the form of a fine mist for a consistent vaping experience.

  • Coil

A small piece of wire is folded into a spring shape to form a coil. The coil plays an important role in determining the wattage of the vaping device. The most commonly used coils are made of NiChrome and Kanthal.

  • Wick

The wick helps to transfer the e-liquid from the atomizer to the coil directly. The most commonly used wicks are made of ceramic, steel mesh and cotton.

  • E-liquid

This is the most important part of an e-cigarette which imparts the necessary flavor to the vape. It is important to mention here that unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes can provide a tickling and soothing flavor to your vape, all thanks to the e-liquids. There are a variety of e-liquid flavors available today including the likes of strawberry, chocolate, mint, and so on.

Chemically speaking, an e-liquid is a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycol and food flavorings in a definite proportion.

Which device is best for you?

There are a number of vaping devices available with varying complexities. However, if we are to advise a perfect vaping device for a beginner, we would highly suggest.

  • Firstly, the device in use should be the simplest available in the market as this would allow you to ease out the initial issues regarding the use of an e-cigarette device.
  • The internal battery of the e-cigarette needs to be connected to a clearomizer. This will ensure maximum safety.
  • The nicotine strength in e-juice should be restricted to a minimum and this should be increased eventually on the basis of the capacity and preferences of the user.

How to Use a Vaping Device?

Now, that you are affluent with the basic concepts, it is the time to start vaping! Here is a simple procedure by which you can be at ease with vaping devices:

  • Firstly, remove the atomizer from the device’s battery
  • Unscrew the tip to fill it with e-liquid
  • Next, unscrew the atomizer
  • Pour the e-liquid from the e-liquid bottle into the tank
  • Once it is full, put the mouthpiece back at its position
  • Let it be at rest for 2-5 minutes for the wick to absorb the e-liquid
  • Next, attach the atomizer with your battery which you unscrewed in step 1
  • Click the button 5 times to turn it on!
  • And you are ready to vape
  • When you are not vaping, it is highly recommended to turn your battery off by pressing the button 5 times.

If you are just starting with vaping, it is highly recommended to stick with the lowest nicotine strength in e-juice and eventually keep on increasing it as per your tastes and preferences.

Wrapping Up

The above article throws light on a few basic concepts related to vaping which every beginner must master. That said; vaping is an art, which gets better with time. It is highly recommended to keep experimenting with various mods, devices, and e-liquids to judge your likes and dislikes.

We wish you all the best with vaping. Don’t forget to share your first time vaping experience with us in the comments? Have queries related to vaping? Let us know.

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