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What a lot of people don't seem to realise is that the vast majority of our staff members are going through or have gone through the same journey that you are embarking on. The highs and lows that you may experience, the struggles and the triumphs - for the most part, we have been there too! Here is the story of one of our staff members taking the plunge, and quitting:

How Vaping Helped Me Quit Smoking

Let's start about 2 and a half years ago, I was a heavy smoker (25-30 coffin nails a day) and almost everything I did would involve having a smoke; having a coffee, smoke, having a meal, smoke, go out with friends, sitting in the smoking area, I have worked in construction for most of my life so you guessed it constantly smoking.

I had tried to quit multiple times and with multiple methods; tablets, patches, gums, sprays, and cold turkey just to name a few. Nothing seemed to stick, no matter how prepared I was to quit and what reason I had to quit be it the money, my health, my loved ones pestering me to quit. I wanted to quit, I knew I needed to quit, but I just couldn't.

I wandered into my local Tobacconist as I did almost every second day if not every day and noticed they had some new stuff in a display case, all these bottles of liquid with crazy sorts of flavours written on them, so I got talking to get them behind the counter and found they were vape juices and that they also sold the devices as well so I thought to myself what's the harm in giving it a go and trying to use vaping to even slow down the rate that I smoke at. I bought myself a vape and a couple of juices to try out and they tasted a little funky but I found I could cut myself down to only 2-3 smokes a day just by vaping and having a patch on my arm (*insert Borat voice* GREAT SUCCESS!). 

Everything was going great, I was feeling healthier, didn’t constantly have that cigarette taste in my mouth, my partner was remarking on how I didn't always smell like smoke anymore. Then out of nowhere, the tobacconist stopped selling vape stuff so I couldn’t buy my coils anymore, no more juice, so I jumped online and tried to find where to buy the coils, and couldn’t find them anywhere, I went to every tobacconist I could find all while my little stockpile of coils was dwindling. I ended up giving up searching for them and went back to smoking. Few months had passed and I moved to a new area and there was a vape shop there, remembering the success I had with vaping before I went in and got talking to the guys there about how I had results before and wanted to properly quit this time. I found they were ex-smokers as well and used vaping to help them quit so they basically took my hand and walked me through everything, where to get myself nicotine (I had this crazy impression before this that it was some dark web, back-alley dealings type of thing), what type of setup would be best for me (big clouds, small clouds, max flavour, tighter airflow to replicate that draw of a smoke or looser airflow), how to set everything up. Then it came time to choose some juice, thinking it would be similar to what I used to have. MY GOD! The range and difference in quality were insane, there were milkshake flavours, candy flavours, fruit flavours, bakery flavours, ice cream flavours, some juices that gave me an icy feeling in my throat. It all seemed so overwhelming but they helped me narrow down what I wanted.

I ended up settling on buying myself an Innokin Proton mini and 3 or 4 small 30ml juices so I could try out a bunch of them and see what I liked. So there was back to vaping with a patch on my arm and having my one or two smokes waiting for my nicotine to arrive. Once it came, I felt like a mad scientist mixing this into that in precise measurements (really all I was doing was sucking out a little bit of juice from my bottles and putting in the same amount of nicotine and shaking it up). That same day was the day I said goodbye to the red marks the patches left on my arm from the chemicals in it and never looked back.

I have been vaping for 2 years now and now I can taste my food without dumping a ton of salt onto it, I can smell again (when I first realised I could smell again I was so excited and told everyone around me which made me look like a maniac but after 10 years of not being able to do something to finally be able to again I didn't care what they thought), I can go for a run without feeling like I’m dying, I sleep better because my airways are clearer.

Not once have I had a thought of having a smoke, any time I smell someone having a smoke I can't help but think that is how I used to come across to everyone, reeking of tobacco.

I cannot recommend vaping enough to anyone who is looking to quit and I feel like I am proof that it does work, that it does help people. 

Vaping helped me quit.

Josh H
-Super Vape Store Blacktown

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Awesome josh
I’m nearly a week with out a smoke thanks to a hypnotherapy session and a vape sorted by non other than svs top gun Luke
Vapeing is definitely working for me and obviously has for you too
Congratulations on your success 👌👍👍👍👍👍👍

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