Quit Smoking with the Help of an Electronic Cigarette
We hope that you are determined on quitting cigarettes this time. To further strengthen your belief to quit smoking, did you know – as many as 10 people die every minute due to smoking? But, this is not the end of the story. By smoking, you are not only hurting yourself and your body in numerous ways but are also causing damage to the people around you. And this is perhaps why more than 600,000 non-smokers die every year from secondhand smoke worldwide; out of which a third of the figure are children.

This is what smoking does to you! We don’t need to put this here but we’re sure, you would agree to the fact that smoking is costly. Sit one day, and calculate the exact amount that you spend on smoking every year. Surprised? Well, yes, this is the figure that you spend every year unknowingly on smoking, which definitely could be brought to use for far better purposes. How about going on a vacation or renovating your house?

That was enough inspiration dose to keep your spirits high and quit smoking.

Now, that you’re halfway through it, the next probable question is how to stop smoking?

How Do I Quit Smoking?

Switch to electronic cigarettes. That’s what we would say!

Electronic cigarettes don’t put a strict end to your smoking habit. You are not required to give up on smoking altogether. Initially, you are just replacing your nicotine cravings fulfilled by traditional cigarettes with the e-cigarette equivalents. Next, you play it smart, and gradually start weaning away from the nicotine addiction by controlling the amount of nicotine in your vape. After you have conquered that, discarding the smoking habit is surely an achievable target.

There are many pluses involved with quitting smoking using e-cigarettes. With e-cigs, you are not giving up on the habit itself, so you do not have anything to lose. Surely, there are days which will be tougher than others on your path to quitting smoking and getting more dependent on your e-cig counterparts. But, speaking from experience, you would hardly be able to make out any difference between e-cigs and traditional cigarettes as far as pleasure is concerned. People often tend to gain weight once they decide to quit smoking due to increased appetite. However, no such symptoms are shown by people who quit through e-cigs because the nicotine is not eliminated completely from the system.

The real trick here is to be patient!

Quitting smoking with e-cigs is not an overnight affair, but rather a long drawn process. You have to view yourself continuing with them for at least four to five months. Many smokers spend almost a year or so on an average to quit smoking through e-cigs. What you require is the process of weaning away from the nicotine, which should be done gradually so as to make your body not feel the difference. The withdrawal process would seem like not a great issue in comparison to calling it all quits in an abrupt manner.

Let’s make the procedure sound simpler to you through 3 quitting smoking stages:

Effort One: I Give Up!

Well, the path to quitting smoking is undoubtedly going to be a difficult one and you have to handle the confusing realm of e-cigs. Moreover, you also have to find an e-cig that fits your smoking habits and desires instantly. But whatever it is, make it a point to say no to smoking, the very moment you tear off the packaging and head straight off into your latest gadget. Speaking from the experience of successful quitters, it gets much harder to quit if you keep on smoking regular cigarettes simultaneously with your e-cigs.

Your first e-cig should be the one with the perfect e-liquid nicotine strength. Heavy smokers should go for the highest strengths and those who are social smokers should try out the lighter versions.

The average smoker who puffs 20 cigarettes daily should normally begin with the e-liquid having high nicotine strength. You are going to shift from real to e-cigs with these and continue with it for around eight weeks. You can take a longer time if you feel that you are not ready. Always bear in mind that the goal of the game is to carry on a slow wean off, and not to treat it as an effort to be completed within a week. After using the high strength e-liquid for a couple of months you may move on to Effort Two.

Effort Two: Drop Your Nicotine Intake

Right! That’s exactly what is expected from you. Plunge down from the elevated nicotine strength level to a slightly lower one, generally to medium strength. Again, you may desire to remain on it for six to eight weeks before moving on to the next level, but do make an effort to reduce your e-cig vaping slightly lesser this time. An example of this is to skip vaping while taking your kids to school tomorrow or vape a bit less on each drag. Make an effort to depend less on your e-cigs. There will be a moment when you require quitting completely, so why not make the transformation and consume it slightly less?

Effort Three: An All-Time Low

This is the ultimate deciding stage in your quest to quit smoking. This time you would be dropping your nicotine dependence from the medium to a low level and going to depend on the e-cigs to the bare minimum and almost negligible limit.

Leave it behind at home when you budge out of the house. Your weaning away from nicotine addiction was already on, but it is now that you begin to wean away from actual dependence. The higher the frequency of leaving your e-cig back at home, the more convenient will be to leave it solely after you drop down to no-nicotine vape juice. This moment will arrive sooner than you realize.

You now brought yourself to the point that you are now only using the smallest bit of nicotine and technically are nicotine-free. After diving from low to no-nicotine vape juice, you have finally done it. Though you might feel little irritation for some days being on zero nicotine, the real puffing act on e-cigs will offer you a type of “placebo effect”. The act of smoking e-cigs will now provide you a mental comfort.

Say No to Traditional Cigarettes, No Matter What!

Now you are no more nicotine dependent. After surviving without nicotine for three or four days, you’ll see that you are able to live without nicotine too and your body is not showing any withdrawal symptoms! The only task now is to stick to this and don’t start smoking again.

We advise you to go for e-cigs with zero nicotine e-liquids as a backup plan but keep it in places where you are not able to notice it. At this moment, you might tend to be vulnerable to smoking cravings for some time after kicking both the e-cigs and nicotine at the same time, so keeping nicotine-free e-cigs on standby is a favorable option.

If you do feel the urge of having a puff, simply go back to nil nicotine e-cig that you have kept safe somewhere. After having done with the habit, all you require is will-power to sail through the puffing habit. Tons of good luck!

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