Nicotine Safety

Nicotine Safety

Nicotine; it's one of the most talked about and sought after things in vaping, and yet there seems to be a lot of grey area when it comes to people's understanding of safety surrounding it. Safety is one of our biggest priorities at Super Vape Store, we want all of our customers to have the best experience and that means taking the guesswork out of the do’s and don’ts of nicotine so let's clear the air.

Nicotine isn't inherently dangerous when used, mixed, and stored correctly so these are the main topics we are going to discuss here.

Nicotine Usage

The safety of nicotine usage can be generalized as making sure that you are not running too much nicotine for the vaporizer you have as large quantities of nicotine can give negative effects, just as too much of anything can.

A pretty safe rule of thumb is that the more powerful the device, the less nicotine it requires to work effectively for the majority of people.

Here is a quick guide for some of our more popular products. Keep in mind these guides will also be usable for comparable devices:

Artery Pal SE 

The Artery Pal SE is what is commonly known as a pod system. Pod systems are typically relatively low powered, so they can run higher levels of nicotine and even nicotine salts allowing for a harsher, more throaty vape. Pod systems can usually run up to 12mg in freebase nicotine and up to 50mg in salts (this can only be done in certain situations, please speak to an industry professional if you wish to run over 25mg in salts).

Voopoo Drag S / Drag X

The Voopoo Drag series of devices are known as Pod-Mods. Performance wise they are a hybrid between pod systems and full sized sub ohm devices so the nicotine levels that they run are typically treated as such. With this style of device, you can usually run up to 9mg in freebase nicotine, and up to 25mg in nicotine salts. With regards to the higher levels of nicotine, you will want to ensure that you are running the higher resistance, lower wattage coils so that you are not consuming too much nicotine as said before.

Geekvape Aegis Mini

The Geekvape Aegis Mini is a fantastic example of a small Sub-Ohm starter kit. Whether your kit has a built in battery or a removable battery, they will have similar power outputs so this will apply to both of them. With smaller Sub-Ohm kits, you would typically want to run a maximum of 6mg freebase nicotine or 12mg salts.

Vaporesso Gen / Geekvape Aegis X

Here we have two fantastic examples of large, powerful Sub-Ohm Starter kits. When you are using a multi battery, high wattage starter kit you are able to run the power much lower so you can run higher levels of nicotine but people typically tend to run higher wattage's on kits like these to take full advantage of the extra power they have available. With kits of this caliber, you typically only want to run about 3mg in freebase nicotine and a max of 6mg in salts.

Mixing Nicotine

When buying nicotine liquids, there are typically only two different varieties that you will see available; Pre-Mixed liquids and High Mg flavorless nicotine for mixing. Obviously here we are talking about mixing with the latter.


Accuracy is paramount when it comes to mixing nicotine for multiple reasons. First of all, it ensures that you are only running as much nicotine as planned but it also ensures that you are going to have a consistent and reliable experience with vaping so that your body is not fluctuating with the levels of nicotine that you are consuming.


Here we go again! Safety, safety, safety. Nicotine in a concentrated form (100-200mg/ml) can be extremely dangerous if handled incorrectly while mixing. Super Vape Store recommends the usage of Gloves and eye protection when mixing nicotine to avoid any contact with your skin if there is an accidental spillage. Nicotine can be absorbed easily by your skin and can be absorbed into cloth like clothes, so it is important to avoid this as it can then be reabsorbed into your skin at a later time.

If there is a spill whilst mixing your nicotine, it is imperative that you clean it immediately and thoroughly. Wash the area of the spill with hot soapy water to lift any bulk liquid, and discard the cleaning cloth used. Then use some spray and wipe or surface cleaner preferably to re-clean the same area to try to remove any remaining residue. 

Nicotine Storage

Storage that will last

Storing nicotine safely is not rocket science, in fact it is far from that. To store correctly to ensure longevity you need to deprive it of three basic things:

  • Heat
  • Light
  • Oxygen

That's right, it's that simple. Heat, light, and oxygen are the three major controllable factors that cause your nicotine to oxidize, and in turn make it “go off”. The easiest way to minimize exposure to these three things is to store your nicotine in the freezer. This will mitigate the majority of heat related issues, as well as minimizing the amount of light it receives (the tinted or solid color bottles nicotine ships in also does this). Oxygen is harder to mitigate as every time you open the bottle you will refresh the oxygen levels in the bottle, but over the life of the bottle if you are doing the other things right it is a minimal issue.

Safe Storage 

I've said it before, and i'll say it again, safety is key! Nicotine in its high Mg for as I have said can be highly dangerous if handled incorrectly so safe storage is about making sure that no one that shouldn't touch or handle nicotine can get near it. This mainly means non-vapers in the house and children especially. As said above, the freezer is a great example of a good storage area for your nicotine as i will usually stay out of reach of children, and if you have a “bar fridge” in your garage or shed even better as this reduces the risk of it being handled accidentally. It is important that if it is not already marked clearly what it is that you mark the storage container appropriately so that everyone knows what it is.

Hopefully this handy little blog post gave you a bit of insight and instruction of some of the do’s and don’ts of nicotine. If you ever have any concerns or further questions please reach out to an industry professional by going into a vape shop or even just by calling our customer service line.

Nicotine Laws

Each state has different laws concerning the use of nicotine..
Please check the provided link to see what your state laws surrounding Nicotine are.

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