MTL vs DTL Vaping Guide
Vaping has been around for a good part of the decade. Nowadays, it has gained immense traction and popularity because of its use as an alternative to cigarettes. With different kinds of vape devices like vape-pens, pods or sub ohms, the variety of ways by which one can utilise these devices have increased.

What we hope to achieve today is telling you how to inhale vape as well as what people mean by MTL and DTL. Now they are both used for different reasons by different people, and normally people subconsciously choose the method they prefer more.

Believe it or not, depending on the smoking style you choose, you are bound to careen towards one type of device or another.
Let's take a look!

Mouth to lung vs Direct to lung

These are the two most common vaping styles. The terms themselves are coined by the vaping community to refer to how one takes the smoke into their lungs: one by smoking it like a traditional cigarette, and the other by taking it directly into the lungs. There is no one way on how to vape correctly, and each method has its own advantages. They work best with a specific vape setup.

What is MTL Vaping

    This method is similar to smoking cigarettes, and simulates smoking traditional cigarettes, which is why it is a popular choice. The way to do it is to first draw in the vapour slowly (unlike sharp drags you take from cigarettes.) Then, keep it in your mouth for a second, and then inhale the rest into your lungs. And finally, exhale.

    The slower in inhalation, the stronger the flavour and the more satisfaction you get from the hit. Another reason why people hold it in longer is so that the vapour decreases, which is convenient when you are trying to be stealthy. Mouth to lung produces far less vapour than direct to lung in general, so if you happen to be conscious about smoking in public places this might be the smoking method for you.

    What you will need for MTL

      • Equipment

      MTL vaping can be done using inexpensive equipment. Starter vape pens, pods, compacts, and such, are the best mouth to lung vape devices. If you would rather hold something heavier, then worry not. MTL vapes can be used with advanced equipment, you simply need to turn the wattage down on a mod. MTL coils are packed with more cotton which enables a tighter draw.

      A vape tank that is designed for MTL will normally have a smaller and narrower mouthpiece which feels more like a cigarette in the mouth. If your tank has a modifiable airflow, keep the airflow all the way down. That said the best mtl vape for you will be the one you are most comfortable with.
      • E-liquid

      MTL vapers should consider vape liquid that has a high PG ratio, like 50/50 or 60PG/40VG. The higher the PG content, the sharper the throat hit. This emulates the feeling of smoking a cigarette. PG has a better flavour than VG and is hence ideal for mouth to lung, since the act of inhaling and letting it stay in your mouth is crucial to getting the taste.

      MTL is the preferred vaping style for e-liquids that contain high nicotine content. This is how people switch from smoking to vaping, since it helps control nicotine cravings. Many people have found that high levels of nicotine are no longer required while using this method of inhalation, and have successfully decreased their nicotine consumption. So low wattage devices combined with high nicotine vape juice gives a smooth and flavourful vaping experience.

      What is DTL Vaping

      Direct to lung method is most often used by experienced vapers. It seems like a counter-intuitive way to take the vapour in for a first time transitioning smoker, but it can be picked up easily, and has its advantages. This style is not recommended for those who still don’t know how to inhale vape properly.

      To do this you need to breathe in like you normally do, but slowly. The smoke goes through your mouth into your lungs directly without any intervention from the mouth. You do not suck or puff with this method. Rather, you simply breathe it in. Once the vapour hits your lungs, you exhale after taking the vape out of your mouth.

      The first time you do it will be a lot like the first time you smoke, where you end up coughing a lot. Since it comes as a sudden shock to the lungs, be sure to exhale immediately. As a transitioning smoker it might even just hurt and send you into a coughing fit. Once you get accustomed to it, you will be able to blow out massive clouds, as is the reason why people choose this style.

      What you will need for DTL

      • Equipment

      Using devices to get the best DTL vaping experience will be completely opposite to the best mouth to lung tank, for example. Your first piece of equipment is a kit or a box with an adjustable wattage that is to very high settings. You will find DTL vapers cranking it up to 40W or more. The vape tank is usually accompanied by a wide mouthpiece like an 810 drip tip that lets you inhale more.

      The coil is usually low resistance (sub ohm) to give leeway to the higher wattage required and maintain a longer vapour exhale. And finally, you will need an adjustable airflow, otherwise you will not be able to take more vapour into the lungs.
      • E-liquid

      You will want e-liquid that is high in VG, the opposite of MTL vaping. VG liquid is thick and less flavourful, but it is the best one for thick, luscious clouds. You would want something that is 70% VG or more.


      So, it’s all about preferences. With this in-depth information, you will surely have an impressive vaping experience!
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