Mint, Menthol, Cooling, whats the go?

Mint, menthol and cooling juices have boomed into popularity over the last year or so with so many fantastic options for flavourts to keep you feeling refreshed throughout the hotter months. A lot of people that haven't tried them before, and even some that have appeared to be quite confused as to what the different terms mean, so let's clear it up a bit.

So, Are Mint, Menthol and Cooling the same? The short answer is no. Each of these will bring something different to your vaping experience. We often find that customers assume that because they did not like to smoke menthol cigarettes, that they will not like vaping cooling or mint flavours but after learning the difference and trying an icy fruit flavour some find they have been missing out on some really “cool” juices… pun intended. Let's break down these flavour profiles


Minty flavours like spearmint and peppermint are great for when you want a sweet but fresh flavour. Mint based flavours stand well on their own but can also add that little something extra to a fruit mix or even be blended with desserts like chocolate and ice cream. 


Menthol is usually a blend of fresh minty flavours with a cold kick to it. Some menthol flavours even contain notes of eucalyptus. Quite often menthol flavours will have little to no sweetener giving then an almost bitter taste. Menthol flavours are great for giving you a satisfying hit to the back of the throat or for those that are looking to replicate menthol cigarettes. 


There are a few different concentrates that are used to give E-liquids a cooling effect such as WS-23 and Koolada. These concentrates have little to no flavour. They are great for those that are looking for that cold hit but don’t enjoy the taste of mints for menthols. Cooling concentrates are added to other flavours and not commonly vaped on their own. An easy way to describe the “feeling” of these concentrates is this; If you have two cans of Coke, one is nice and cold from the fridge and the other is room temperature. If you were to drink both, they would both taste the same but one would be cold and refreshing. This is the same with “icy” juices, they taste like the normal fruity flavours but with a nice refreshing feeling.

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