Lost Vape Centaurus or Paranormal 2.0?

The new Lost Vape Centaurus, Is it just a paranormal?

While many may think the all new Lost Vape Centaurus is just a Paranormal that has been put under the knife of a plastic surgeon, ask many with the new stablemate from Lost Vape and they will most likely tell you that this is not the case.

 The new device may still have the features of Dual Battery and the Evolv DNA 250C chip but it’s the little things that make this device the new kid on the block, Lost Vape hit the ground running with this device almost, and I say that lightly, almost went back to the drawing board completely, they have taken what they learnt was wrong with the paranormal and fixed it, those issues with the battery door? GONE! 

The paranormal was plagued with problems from the latch mechanism on the device, if you didn’t have problems, well… you were one of the lucky ones! The all round construction of this thing (the Centaurus) is truly a work of art, its sleek lines, side panels that come in a range of designs, all the way down to the leather hand grip make it one of the more elegant devices on the market today.

Lets not get carried away with how this may look like the girl next door, half the reason you are reading this is cause you really want to know how well it does the job, in one word, Exceptionally! My current RDA sitting upon the 510 connection, which is spring loaded by the way, is none other than the Drop Dead from Hellvape, running a pair of Stainless Steel Cloud Revolution coils to truly experience replay mode from the Evolv DNA250C chip, and honestly I cant fault it, the replay function works flawlessly, the perfect vape is just a click away on this easy to navigate device, with the added experience of the Evolv eScribe suite on your personal computer, adjusting your settings and even your screen to get the perfect vaping experience is so easy, I personally found a Rick & Morty theme through an Online forum and loaded that into my Centaurus, its just a fun little way to personalize your device as your own.

So back to the question at hand, is the new Centaurus just a paranormal? My short answer is NO! 

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