Know How to Prevent Your E-Cig Coil from Burning

If you are one of those smokers who have already switched to e-cigarettes, then most probably you are quite familiar with what this article entails.

And if you are yet a smoker who is totally unaware of what it is to vape and how to cope with the burning of e-cigarette coils, then please keep on reading to gain that enlightenment.

The very first bit of information you need to know is that the e-cigarette coil can get burned only when the wick is not completely dipped in the e-liquid. Hitting the fire button when the wick is dry, results in the burning of the coil, and cotton wicks get dry-burned easily which is very obnoxious for the person who is vaping the e-cigarette.

You need to make sure that your e-cigarette is customized properly so that the new e-liquid continues to flow in to keep the wick surrounded while you vape. 

Avoid These Mistakes

There are certain mistakes that people make while vaping their e-cigarettes, which results in the burning of the coil. In order to prevent that, keep off these mistakes.

1) Do not forget to prime your coil before hitting the fire button

Priming your e-cigarettes coil entails confirming whether the wick has totally soaked the e-liquid in the tank or not. Once you install a new coil to vape the e-cigarette, you have to wait for at least 1 to 2 minutes for the wick to get dipped entirely into the e-liquid. Otherwise, if you press the fire button before this, the coil will end up getting burned.

You can also try another way of priming your coil which includes taking few puffs of the e-cigarette before pressing the fire button. The suction can pull the e-liquid in the tank and soak the wick. But this is not always beneficial as too much suction causes the coil to get flooded.

Priming your coil is essential because you can never be sure of the soaking of the wick no matter how much you wait. So it’s better to prime your coil and then start vaping.

2) Do not keep vaping continuously for a long time

You need to mend your ways if you are a chain-vaper. When you keep vaping your e-cigarette continuously for a long time, the wick starts drying up which leads to the burning of the coil.

Continuous vaping does not allow new e-liquid to refill the tank and soak the wick as there are not enough time gaps for the replenishment of the e-liquid into the tank. So it is evident enough why chain-vaping leads to the burning of the coil. You need to avoid vaping for a continuous period.

3) Do not use high power settings for lighting your e-cigarettes

High voltage or power settings will easily get your coil burnt. Using the e-cigarettes on high voltage makes the wick dried up quickly with each puff and causes the coil to get burned.

You need to avoid this mistake of using your e-cigarette on a higher power setting. The sub-ohm coils have the voltage rated on them. You should always start with the lowest power setting for vaping the e-cigarette. Obviously, you can increase the power gradually (while maintaining the highest power limit) but it is advised to vape at a low voltage.

4) Do not let the e-liquid level drop in the sub-ohm tank

You should always keep a check on the level of e-liquid in the sub-ohm tank. Sometimes the e-juice level drops down the wick’s pores and the wick fails to get soaked. This causes trouble as the drying up of the wick leads to its burning.

The vaper should never miss to keep the sub-ohm tank topped up with the e-liquid. When you stop getting the flavour while vaping, it is the time you should refill the tank in order to prevent your coil from burning.

5) Using the correct VG / PG ratio that compliments your vaping unit.

Concentration of PG & VG is another essential factor. You should avoid using e-liquids that have fewer PG concentrations. PG (propylene glycol) is thinner which makes it possible for the e-liquid to soak the wick quickly and more easily after you take puffs of the e-cigarette. 

VG (vegetable glycerin) is thicker and its higher concentration in the e-liquid will cause implications regarding the soaking of the wick of your e-cigarette which, in turn, will burn the coil. So make sure that the e-liquid base you use is suitable for the kind of electronic cigarette unit you are using.

VG High VG concentrations up to 100% can be used but only if your coil allows for it, otherwise you will experience problems with the ejuice no wicking the coil correctly. This in turn will mean upon firing up your device the coil gets burned.

6) Do not use e-liquid flavours that are sweet or contains sugar

You should avoid using e-liquids that are flavoured with sweeteners or sugar as they tend to deposit sugar on the wick which gets caramelized due to the heat.

The deposit of sugars on the wick for vaping the e-cigarette produces sludge on the wick that prevents the coil from absorbing the e-liquid any further. So the drying up of the coil leads to the burning of the wick. To avoid the burning of your coil, you need to opt for different flavours of e-liquids.

Other flavours of e-liquids like heavy-dessert-inspired e-liquids, coffee, etc. should also be used sparingly . To be precise, light coloured e-liquids are better to use rather than the dark coloured ones.  So basically the burning of your coil highly depends on the flavour of e-liquids you use for your e-cigarettes.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how to prevent your coil from getting burned. So keep these things in mind while you hit the fire button to start vaping.

The common mistakes that are enlisted above should be rectified in order to keep your e-cigarette in a proper state and usable for a prolonged period of time. Remember one thing that once your coil gets burned it cannot be repaired. You need to invest in a brand new one.

So use preferable e-liquids, prime the coil before vaping, keep the sub-ohm tank full and do not heat the coil on high voltage.

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