You've heard of the JUUL, but how about something better?!
The Juul…. The brand Juul has become synonymous with vaping due to the rapid growth of the company. Juul managed to bring vaping to the masses overseas with easy, portable vaporizers. For those of us in other countries (Australia) where you can't buy nicotine juices over the counter, what do you do?

One of the newest and most popular pod systems in Australia is the mighty Artery Pal SE, so let's dive into that a bit and see why everyone loves it!


There are plenty of other pod systems out there, that in my opinion are MUCH better than Juul’s in the first place when it comes to performance, but also cost. Let's do a quick breakdown of the cost and see where your money goes, and where we can help make it cheaper to vape.

The average price of a Juul starter kit is $65.00 at the time of writing. This includes the body of the device, 4 pods, and the charger base.
The average price of a packet of pods for a Juul, accessible to Australia at the time of writing this is approximately $25.00
If we were to say that you would go through 1 pod per day, and plot the price of vaping for the first 90 days, it would look like this:

Topping out at $621.25 over 90 days of use, although it doesn't seem like much when compared to the operating costs of a product like the Pal SE, the difference is clear.
After 90 days have passed, the PAL has only cost a measly $320.20 to run, less than half the price of running the Juul! That price was calculated based on going through 30ml of juice per week and one pod per week, in reality, most people get more than this out of the pods and juice but I accounted for a worst-case scenario.
Now, for argument's sake, I just had to show what the same 90 days would look like for a pack-a-day smoker.
After 90 days, the pack a day smoker has spent a massive $3,150.00! Now I don't think I had to point out the cost of smoking vs vaping but it's a good reminder to see the difference in front of you.


When it comes to performance, there is no way I can put on paper an easy to understand the comparison between the Juul and other devices, because performance is something that needs to be experienced in some way to truly understand. However, I can say from personal experience vaping both of these devices during my vaping journey that the Pal SE comes in spades higher than the Juul for performance in just about every category.
Let’s look over some stats and draw a quick comparison between them.
In every department, the Pal wins by a long shot. I am using the Pal for these comparisons as it is one of the most popular pod systems on the market, and I’m sure you can see why!


It's pretty clear when you look at the Juul and the Pal comparatively that the Juul really isn't that great, so the question is, why is it so popular overseas? 
For most people that use Juul’s, the main draw factor is the convenience of just buying some pods, using them, then binning them when they're empty. What these same people usually think is that using a refillable pod system is more expensive or complicated, and that is just not the case as you can see.
Convenience and complication aside, a lot of people that use Juul’s have never used another device as they followed the hype and got one as their first vape and never bothered to venture out and see what the world of vaping had to offer them.
You can choose whether or not to take my word on the difference in performance between these devices, because at the end of the day, you don't know me. But the facts and the stats don't lie; it's a no brainer!
-Dan F
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