How to Keep Your Vape Running Perfect for a Long Time

Even if you possess the best vape in the business, poor maintenance can hamper its performance very quickly. Like any other gadget, an e-cigarette requires proper care and handling for longevity. It becomes crucial that a vaper does not overlook the safety aspect of the vaping device while getting the best possible pleasure out of it.

There are some excellent tips and hacks that will enable the vapers to keep their vape in top condition or a long time. We have compiled and listed below some of the best of those tips and hacks for making you well aware of the nitty-gritty of vaping. So let’s get into the details:

1. Never Let Your E-liquids Run Too Low

Filling the e-cig tank

If you let your e-liquids go down to the bottom, you will be leaving your vape open to the risk of dry burns. Dry burns are one of the primary causes that lead to malfunctioning e-cigarettes. They, apart from ruining the taste of your e-liquids, are also likely to damage the coils of your e-cigarettes. So make sure you don’t allow the e-liquid to get to low! Otherwise you will be need to buy replacement coils a lot quicker. 

Note: Also, avoid overfilling your vaping tank due to the risk of leakage. E-liquid leakage can cause permanent damage to your e-cigarette.

2. Always Keep the Battery Terminals Clean

E-cig battery tips

Uncleaned terminals can affect the performance of your vaping device. It can also block your e-liquid tanks from making a proper connection. The reason why many people avoid cleaning the terminals is that they are not able to see the damage that is happening inside. One should know that a dirty battery terminal can significantly reduce the durability and longevity of your vaping kit, ending your vaping experience way too early.

You can start cleaning the endpoints of your battery with a cotton bud. It is suggested that the connection of the tank is also cleaned.

Note: If your device does not turn on, check to see the battery is making a good connection to the device. It is likely that the terminals need cleaning or have been damaged.

3. Avoid Overheating Your E-Cigarette

Ecig Overheating

Your vape gets heated up mainly when it is being run for a significant amount of time. Excess usage could equally hamper the safety of battery as well as your mod. If you find your device has got extremely hot it is strongly suggested to let it cool down.

Note: Find a proper place for your mod to cool down. Leaving it in hot and humid areas would only defeat the purpose. The aim should be to cool it till it’s not hot to touch.

4. Do Not Overtighten Your Tank

Clearomiser fitting

Screwing the tank way too tightly can damage the battery connections and cause “stripping” of the screws. When stripping of screws happens, you won’t be able to unscrew your tank from the device. This sort of situation can hamper replacing coils as well as changing flavours.

It would be best to screw your tank firmly by hand only. Do not stress yourself to tighten it too much as it would only prove counterproductive.

Note: If its difficult to unscrew your tank, try using a rubber grip to help. It is not recommended to unscrew it by using any tool as it can damage both the mod as well as the battery.

5. Change Your Coils at the Right Time

Vape Coil

If you vape, then you need to change your coils! You will be able to see some convincing signs in the coils that tell it is time to change it. If you have just experienced a burnt taste or heard a gurgling noise, then you need to change your coils.

You can find several high-quality replacement coils that are suitable for your device.

6. Keep the Mouthpiece Clear of Dirt

Vape drip tips

A greasy mouthpiece can ruin the taste of the e-liquid as well as the flow of the vapour too. If you can keep the drip tips of your vaping kits clean, you will also be preventing the spread of germs. It is since vapers have the habit of sharing their e-cigarettes.

A vaper can once in a while try removing the drip tips from their vape and blow off the dust. If there is an accumulation of e-liquids, one can use a piece of tissue and clean off the condensed e-liquids from the drip tip and rinse it with warm water.

Note: Soap and water are the top cleansing agents for a drip tip. Wash your drip tip once a week with soap and water.

Final Say

You have just finished reading about some of the best techniques to keep your vape in perfect condition. If you are interested in looking for some excellent addition to your e-cigarettes, please feel free to check out our SuperVapeStore website. Help yourself to contact us if you want to seek any information about any vaping products.

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