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Often it happens that new vapers discard their vape coils way before the right time to do it. This is not uncommon among vapers who are new to it. It does indeed get hard to know when to change the coil, especially when you do not know much about it.

Now, there is nothing wrong about changing the coil before its time. It is just that in the end, it may end up being an expensive affair if we do not use it to the maximum. As we know already that vape coils need changing from time to time; knowing when to do it comes in handy and cost-effective.

Once you are firm on your decision about switching from smoking to vaping, you need to understand all that comes with it. Usually, people opt out of this switch and adhere to their old traditional cigarette smoking. However, once you know about how easy it is to manage an e-cigarette, the switch would just be instant.

Nobody masters anything just like that. It also holds true in the case of vaping. In order to learn the ins and outs of it, you would need to do some research. The fact that you are on this page right now shows that you are on the right track. This is where we run you through things you would otherwise be unfamiliar to when it comes to vaping.  Knowing when to change the coil could end up saving you some money. Therefore, vape coil replacement is not too hard if you pay heed to these symptoms.

1. The First Sign: Taste

One of the most prominent things about vaping is the wide variety of tastes that it has to offer. This is perhaps the first sign you encounter which indicates that your coil is on the edge of a burnout and it is now a right time to go looking out for a new vape coil. You experience a sort of slightly burnt taste; regardless of the flavour of the e-juice, you are vaping.

This burnt taste serves as the ideal indication that the hour for vape coil replacement is near. Some people choose to clean the coil instead of changing it. However, this is a wrong move, especially when it starts producing the burnt taste. Opting to continue vaping through a burnt coil would mean opting to damage the other parts of your tube, which only adds up to your expenses eventually.  

2. The Second Sign: Vapour

The other very distinct thing about vaping is the vapour, obviously. When people around you are getting dense clouds of smoke but you are the one unable to do the same, then that is a sign that maybe your coil needs changing. The vapour depends on how often you vape and the rhythm you follow while you vape.

3. The Third Sign: E-juice

A burnt taste is a prime indicator of the fact that your vape coil needs replacement. However, that is not the only indicator. You can detect a damaged coil when you realise that the e-juice does not taste the way it should have. Sometimes, you will not even get the taste, or worse, it might end up tasting something awful.

At first, you may be confused. You may even think that maybe the e-juice refill was not of a good quality. However, on further inspection, you may realise that it was the coil’s fault. Opting to change the coil when it starts producing undesirable taste is the right thing to do.

4. The Fourth Sign: Sounds

This is a distinct indication of the need to change your vape coil. When your vape tube starts producing a strange gurgling sound every time you take a drag, you should go ahead and change that coil. However, if your tube continues to produce the same sound even after changing the coil, then that means your tube has gone bad.

5. The Fifth Sign: Leakage

Though a leaky vape tube is not always the fault of an old coil that needs to be replaced, it, on occasions more than one, may just be that. When a coil has housed inside a vape tube for far too long, it can foster a leaky condition. This is when you need to open up the tube and examine it to find out what the real cause of the leakage.

Switching from smoking to vaping requires a certain amount of research. This is because it always comes in handy to know the nuances of it all. Knowing your thing saves you from needlessly spending. Once you know of the ideal tricks and a tip to the whole deal, maintenance is never an issue then.

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