E-Cigarette & Battery Safety Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

The most important thing before using any electronic gadget is to be aware of its dos and don’ts. It not only secures your device but also enables you to operate it on an optimal level. If you are possessing an e-cigarette, you should know that its durability is governed by how smoothly you are operating it.

Thus, you would be interested to read some dos and don’ts of e-cigs that not only prevent any kind of damage but also enhance its life. So here we go, with some electronic cigarette safety tips one should adopt:


  • Mind the quality of the charger and charging cable

Every electronic device has a different charging mechanism. Similarly, each battery is compatible with its own set of chargers and cords. Thus, you should never commit a mistake of charging your battery with a low-quality charger.

Ideally, you should charge your battery with a charger of the same brand. This is because switching to another charger from a different brand may not provide the required voltage and may lead to an explosion.

  • Branded vape

Today, markets are loaded with an array of vapes that differ in their quality and functionalities. Thus, it is highly recommended to purchase a good quality vape preferably from a known brand for the best experience.

  • Battery cover

A battery cover is a must, especially if you are traveling. This is because keeping your batteries loosely in your bag can prove to be risky. Your battery can come in contact with a metal object in your handbag and may lead to an explosion. Thus, buy a classy battery cover and stay safe wherever you go!

  • Temperature

It is highly recommended to keep the batteries of your vaporizer away from the direct exposure to sunlight. You should also avoid them from extreme temperatures. This is probably because fluctuating temperatures can be one of the causes of battery explosion.

  • Battery type

You should make it a point to only use the recommended batteries for your vaping device. Also, do not mix batteries of different brands with each other, because batteries of different brands have different safety considerations and might lead to a confusion.

  • Proper orientation

Pay attention to the orientation of the batteries while placing them in the vent of your vaporizer. If you are not perfectly sure of how it should be done, you should take the help of your dealer. Some of the vaporizers also come with a user manual and can prove to be helpful.

  • Pay attention to the coils

Coils and their quality play an important role if you are fond of sub-ohm vaping. You should take care of the range on your mode and never allow it to go below the mentioned value.

  • Use a hard surface for charging

To ensure safety, avoid charging your battery by keeping it either on the bed or leaving it hanging on the charging cable. This damages the charger, the charging pin and can even break the cable. Thus, you should always keep the device on a hard surface for charging to avoid any mishappening.

  • Careful cleaning

Due to frequent use and touch, your mods can become dirty. Regular cleaning is thus a must. However, be cautious and avoid using water to clean your device. For best results, you should use alcohol or wet tissues to clean.

Use some cotton ear picks to access the threading or vent holes. This will not only keep the mods as well as the batteries clean and safe and will also prolong their life.

  • Turn off the mod when not in use

To avoid an accident and to maintain your mod’s overall health, you should always keep your device switched off when not in use.


  • Charging

Never leave the batteries in charge for a very long time especially during the night, as this may cause overcharging. Always keep a check while they are being charged. Most of the vaporizers and mods come with a safety feature that cuts off the charging automatically when the batteries are full. So, you should try and buy a charger with these features.

  • Avoid over-draining

Both overcharging and over-draining can be harmful to your batteries. Over-draining generates friction between the ions of the battery that may result in an explosion. So, do keep a check on your battery while charging and avoid over-charging and over-draining.

  • Mind the amperes

This is an important safety factor to be considered. Care should be taken that you never exceed the battery’s ampere rating.

Further, keep a check on the resistance offered by your device. This is because low resistance may increase the inflow of current in the batteries, thus increasing the temperature. To avoid such situations, put your build on a dual parallel unregulated mod as it will split the ampere draw between two batteries and will avoid an explosion.

  • Avoid contact between coils and top cap

Contact between the coils and the top cap can harm your device to a larger extent. This is because it can lead to an in-flow of very high current thus leading to complete discharge and permanent damage to the cell. To sort out such a problem, you can take help from a local vape store.

  • Never use damaged batteries

If your batteries are damaged, then make sure that you replace them as early as possible. Also, make sure that the wrapping around the batteries is intact. A battery without wrapping is regarded damaged.

  • Dispose of them carefully

Be cautious while disposing of your batteries. This is especially true when the batteries are lithium batteries. Disposing them incorrectly may release the toxic chemicals into the environment, thus causing pollution.

  • Avoid contact between batteries and water

This safety feature is applicable to almost all the electronic devices as well as their batteries. Keep your favorite device away from water as any contact with water can spoil the mod and damage your batteries.

  • Avoid dropping them

Do not toss or throw the device or the batteries on the ground. In case of smoke, isolate your device from other objects and find the nearest exit. Leave the batteries/device outside in open for some time. Keep in mind that a venting vaporizer battery is a safety precaution that is done to avoid an explosion.

So, if you have just bought your first electronic e-cig, and are not sure how to upkeep it, take care of the above-mentioned points and prolong the life of your device.

Happy Vaping!


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