Disposable Vapes - What's with the hype?

Disposable vapes have been increasing in popularity recently and they seem like the perfect thing for smokers looking to quit. In this article, we will be looking deeper into the pros and many cons of these little vapes and why we as a company do not sell them. 

Disposable vapes became popular in America with the release of the Juul; they were small, easy to use and you could buy them in any convenience store. As per usual Australia, hasn’t been able to follow America’s lead in the use of these vapes because in Australia most of them are illegal to buy and sell as they contain nicotine. Many people are buying these online and with that increases the chance of buying faulty or poor quality devices. These pods come pre-filled so there is no way of knowing what exactly is in them as they do not have ingredients listed. 

There is a second kind of disposable vape on the rise and these are the fully disposable kind. There area zero replaceable parts so once you are done, you bin the whole thing.

Nicotine content 

Disposable vapes typically contain 5% nicotine which works out to be 50mg. From an entire 20 pack of cigarettes, you would typically inhale roughly 35mg in total and the strongest available nicotine patch is 21mg.  people do not realise how high the nicotine content in these disposables really are and tend to chain vape them. If you are experiencing headaches or nausea when using a disposable vape please stop use as these are signs of nicotine poisoning. This is why we recommend refillable pod systems to people instead of disposables as you can choose how much nicotine you put in your device. 

Environmental damage 

Disposable vapes aren't actually ‘disposable’ at all, they can not be recycled or thrown in regular garbage as they contain mixed plastic, a battery and nicotine. They also can not be taken to any battery disposable outlet as they contain nicotine. When you buy a disposable vape, you are paying for it to be around for the next 100 years. Juul did at one point have a recycling program for their devices but there are no programs readily available in Australia as of yet. Many of our pod devices have recyclable elements and the devices are refillable and rechargeable and they produce much less waste. 


Disposable vapes cost roughly $50 for a 3 pack from most companies, they last for 200-300 puffs which would average maybe a week for most people. 

The pod devices we sell such as the Caliburn have refillable pods for $20 for a 4 pack and they last roughly 2 weeks per pod. 

Many people see the disposables as more cost-effective but in reality, they aren't. There are better quality, cheaper alternatives like the artery pal se, geek vape wenax stylus and valyrian pod system.


The sale of nicotine is illegal in Australia, we have never and will never sell nicotine in our stores, Therefore we will never stock disposable vapes unless the laws surrounding nicotine end up changing. Especially when there are so many legal, cheaper and healthier alternatives that we do stock. 

For anything vape related we recommend you go into a vape store and talk to the staff as they are experts in this field and because these devices are illegal to buy and sell you can't know that what you are getting is a quality product that is right for you. 

Disposable vapes may be taking off right now but there is no real pro’s to these devices, they are not cheaper, you can not buy them legally in stores they are not more convenient and they have dangerously high nicotine contents, they can be dangerous. There are so many awesome pod devices now that people do have options for small and convenient, easy to use devices. 

We recommend going into your local vape store and finding something that is right for you!

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