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Cooling Agent is a special solution giving you a fresh and cool-biting experience without Menthol’s overpowering kick. It doesn’t drown out the original flavor of the eliquid and just offers a cooling sensation comfortable on the inhale and easy on the exhale. Simply mix Cooling Agent with your E-liquid to enjoy.

It is available in different levels of concentration, so you can adjust the cooling sensation to your taste by adding more or less Cooling Agent. We recommend starting with 1-2% for most E-liquids, and increasing or decreasing the amount until you find the perfect balance of cooling for your E-juice. Not all cooling agents are as strong as one another so it is important to start with a small amount of cooling agent and then taste test it. If the juice isn't cool enough, Add half a milliliter (ML) at a time until it's perfect. Remember to take notes to know how much cooling agent you will need to add to your next bottle of e-liquid.


Check out the reference chart we have put together. It's a good starting guide to help give a rough idea of where to start depending on what kind of device you are using. 



 Alway use PPE and safety precautions when mixing and avoid skin contact. 

Please check out our DIY range if you need any empty bottles or syringes for accurate measurements.

If you would like more help with mixing cooling agents then feel free to give us a call on 07 3348 8365 or email us at


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