Choosing the Perfect Nicotine Strength For Your E-Liquid

A successful switch to vaping from the traditional tobacco surely depends on exploring the correct nicotine strength. The nicotine levels in eCigarettes vary according to your smoking habits.  A heavy puffer might crave for two packs every day and a casual vaper might just settle for light puffs. Picking up an e-liquid that matches your present nicotine requirement is necessary for an initial switch.

Not enough nicotine will make you vape more than before to compensate for the decreased nicotine content and withdrawal. A light-tobacco-contained-cigarette-smoker would likewise overstuff his body with nicotine if he picks up a high strength e-liquid. So how much is too much? Let’s find out.

Your most fulfilling e-liquid would provide you with a satisfying flavour and nicotine level that meet your cravings. The initial query is to know about the exact level of nicotine, to begin with.

The Ways to Get Things Right When You Start Vaping

 # Excess Nicotine

When you take your first puff and feel a greater throat hit, this is your first indication that you should settle for a lower nicotine level. The excess throat hit does not reflect that the e-liquid is bad but rather it is too strong for you. Lowering the nicotine level will give you the throat hit that you require and a much better experience. 

Choosing a high nicotine grade e-liquid if you are a light vaper is not going to be a good start. You will experience an extremely intense throat hit as you are overloading your body with nicotine than what you're previously accustomed to when you smoked traditional cigarettes.

 # Watch out for High Nicotine Symptoms

Quickly take note of excess nicotine concentration if you inhale and there is a burning sensation at the back of your throat that raises your discomfort. If you feel dizzy and light-headed, check out your nicotine level and reduce it. Simply, one level down in nicotine strength would be ample to provide a better vaping experience.

 # Not Enough Nicotine

Have you ever encountered people who smoke and vape at the same time? That’s perhaps because they have picked a low nicotine level which their body is not accustomed to. As a result, their body keeps on asking for more, which they compensate either by vaping more or through traditional cigarettes. This even causes vapers to return to smoking as they feel vaping is not working out for them. But, instead, it is the nicotine level that is not optimum for them.

The Simple Rules For Nicotine Levels

These rules are referring to regular vaping, if you are sub ohm vaping we recommend using half the amount as sub ohm vaping provides a stronger throat hit.

  • If you are one of those multiple pack smokers and smoke complete flavour cigarette, then it is recommended to opt for e-liquids with 24 mg nicotine.
  • A light smoker consuming a single pack daily should select 12-18 mg nicotine e-juice.
  • The ultra-light segment of puffers with less than a pack per day can well choose e-liquids containing 6-12 mg nicotine levels. However, if you consume half a pack a day, we recommend you should pick e-liquids with 3-6mg nicotine strength.
  • And, if you are one of those smokers who like to vape just for its flavour and thrill, you should prefer a nicotine-free e-juice.

If you have purchased an e-juice that is of wrong concentration compared to what you wanted, you can fix it by procuring another bottle containing the same flavour with a varying concentration, either greater or lesser based on your requirement. Simply mix the two till you achieve your desired concentration. Why waste a wonderful e-juice when you can pick from an extensive range of nicotine concentrated e-liquids?

How To Choose An E-Liquid Strength?

While switching over to the e-cigarette, the perfect nicotine strength becomes vital.

The 12mg or 24mg strength e-liquids represent the quantity of nicotine in milligrams, per millilitre of e-liquid. Many companies display this as a percent per solution, where you’ll view 1.2% in place of 12mg/ml.

While refilling your e-cartridges with e-juice, you are nearly pouring 20 drops of e-liquid in a millilitre. Thus, a 24 mg nicotine e-liquid would contain 1.2mg of nicotine in each drop. Ultimately by pouring 3 drops of e-juice directly into the atomizer, you intake 3.6 mg of nicotine from the time you begin vaping till you top off once more.

 # E Juice Nicotine Strengths

Various nicotine strengths and even zero nicotine e-juices are on offer while some flavours are not available in all strengths. The following are the different nicotine levels in e-juices:

  • Lowest Level Nicotine

This is the lightest level of nicotine of 3-6mg/ml and is meant for vapers who desire to enjoy the smallest possible nicotine concentration while availing a total e-liquid taste.

  • The lower Nicotine Range

At the lower range, 12mg/ml is a cosy level for people who like to explore nicotine, but aren’t big vapers. This range is generally preferred by people who intake light cigarettes.

  • The Intermediate-Range

This comprises of the middle level of 18mg/ml nicotine and is mostly enjoyed by former smokers as it confers the right amount of nicotine with each vape.

  • The High-End Nicotine

This high nicotine level of 24mg/ml is normally picked by vapers who were originally heavy smokers with nearly a pack daily.

  • The Maximum Nicotine Strength

The highest nicotine e-juice concentration stands at 36mg/ml and comprises of puffers who smoke 2 packs daily and may be seriously addicted.

Those puffing up to 15 or a packet of cigarettes daily generally opt for a medium strength nicotine level of 1.8%. Occasional or social smokers prefer a low strength nicotine e juice of 1.2%, while very light smokers have ultra-low nicotine levels of 0.6%. The lowest nicotine strength of 0.3% is preferred by those utilizing sub-ohm devices and at the very bottom lays zero nicotine at 0.0%.

 # Nicotine Levels in E-Cigarettes

Different e-juices have varied levels of nicotine in them depending on the flavour and the brand of the e-juice. Relating to the nicotine levels indicated on the e-liquids is a bit troublesome, and that’s when brands thought of indicating the nicotine content in relation to the traditional cigarettes.  Here are a few insights:

  • XXX High Density Level

This corresponds to the highest nicotine levels, normally slightly under 50 mg of nicotine. In most cases, this is greater than smoking a normal tobacco cigarette.

  • XX High Density Level

The quantity of nicotine reduces with a decrease in the number of Xs. Commonly, this has a nicotine content of 36mg or a bit higher which gives it a higher level than normal cigarettes.

  • X High Density Level

This level carries nearly 25 mg or under nicotine which is still more than a standard tobacco cigarette.

  • High Density Level

With almost 18 mg nicotine, this rating is equivalent to a standard full flavour tobacco cigarette.

  • Medium Density Level

The medium or intermediate density nicotine content ranging between 10-15mg is similar to a normal cigarette.

  • Low Density Level

Low density features around 6mg of nicotine and leads to better levels of e-cigs. The quantity of nicotine contained in the low-density version is akin to lights or ultra-lights.

  • Non-Nicotine Level

The No Nicotine options are more difficult to find and may be the best alternative if you are bothered about the concentrations in your device.

In a nutshell, it is always better to judge the e-cigarette nicotine levels and know which e-liquid nicotine concentration is equivalent to the particular cigarette type that your body is accustomed to. Finally, it is wiser to have a fair idea of the nicotine content in the e-liquid which you inhale.

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