Chipsets - you will hear this term all about the place when it comes to vaping, especially when you are choosing a new box mod. There is a wide variety of chipsets in modern devices that all have their features, and costs associated with them.

There are two major types of box mods, Mechanical (mech) or regulated, the major difference between them being the chipset. So what is a chipset and what does it do? Simply the chipset is the computer within the mod that controls everything including;

  • Wattage controls; the variable wattage of the mod. Depending on the atomizer and coils, the wattage needs to be set between a range to allow for the perfect hit.
  • Temperature controls; if you're running temp controllable coils (ie Stainless steel, Nickel and Titanium) you can regulate the temperature your mod is firing to have a more comfortable draw.
  • Ohm reading; simply stating the power range of your coils using Ohm's Law (voltage=current/resistance)
  • Battery reading; how much charge is left in your batteries

Basically streaming all this data to a screen for you to make your experience that much easier and able.

So what separates the different chipsets? A quick run down on our super popular range.

  • Voopoo gene - The best value for money chip for the beginner/ everyday vaper, covering all the needs of a beginner while still  challenging the more experienced. Covers all the basis from temp control to variable wattage and everything in between.

  • Vaporesso axon chip -  The Axon chip is very much a personal favourite among many vapers. Providing a lot of safety features including a low battery protection and endurance meaning you can vape for longer. A super accurate temperature control feature for very experienced vapers, and a DIY setting for a very personalised experience. But the most notable feature of the Axon ship would have to be the pulse mode,  firing the mod every 0.02 seconds creating more flavor and a more consistent hit.

  • Geekvape AS chip - As one of the most versatile chips on the market, the AS chip maximises power while reformulating speed. This chip has one of the fastest response times of less than 0.8 seconds. What does this mean? From the millisecond you press the button this mod is firing giving you an instant hit and great flavour. Definitely one of the most beautiful chipsets with an amazing array of visual heads up displays.

  • DNA Chip - Easily one of the most innovative and redefining chipsets in vapes. The DNA chip set covers all the basics while enhancing and personalising any vapers every draw. The simple yet extremely customisable background really enhances your experience, just plug into a computer and with the right app you can add any stagnant background you please. However the most notable feature of the DNA chips is the Replay mode. With any temp control coils, you can create the perfect draw and save it recreating that exact same draw every time you press the fire button. For the advanced vapors really looking to take their flavor chasing to the next step, the wattage boost packs a punch, firing stronger and creating a massive flavor and cloud maximising your RDA experience.

  • While there are many more chipsets depending on your favorite brands , these are just the tip of the iceberg, so get out there and try, play even, to find what's best and suits your every need.

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