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Vaping originally came into being after the practice of smoking cigarettes began to show its true colours, so to speak, in terms of health and hygiene issues. However, it took its time to spread amongst the smokers, often due to its heavy cost and confusing arrangements. During the year 2014-2015, only 6.1 percent of young adults and 1.6 percent of adults adopted some or other forms of vaping as an alternative to smoking.

As vaping is usually thought to dispense less harmful substance than conventional tobacco, the use of vaping in any form by persons with a desire to quit smoking has been on the rise from there. Truthfully by 2016, 4.2 percent and 2.8 percent of adults within age-bracket 25-44 years and 45-64 respectively, were seen to adopt some or other kind of vaping as their recreation.

So here is the complete know-how about different kinds of vapes and a brief synopsis about their operations and use according to the level of vapers and their proficiency.

What are the different kinds of vapes?

The vaping process could be enjoyed with any one of the devices available, but there are some levels depending upon the intensity and use of the vapes. Therefore, to answer someone’s question regarding what are the different types of vapes, he or she must choose according to the level and volume of intake. The different type of vaping machines depending upon the different levels of vaping enthusiasts can be arranged as;

# For First-Timers

For the beginners, who usually take up vaping as an alternative to smoking, the simpler the gizmo is the easier will it be for them to get the hang of the practice. Therefore, the easy-to-use techniques to start up vaping with are given in short below;


Technically, all vapes are basically e-cigarettes. However, the correct term to use will be “cigalikes”, which looks like a cigarette in shape and size and are easy to use. This piece of gizmo comes in a one-piece or two-piece variety. One-piece designs are disposable, while two-piece cigalikes have replaceable cartridges in them. The characteristics that make them an ideal choice for beginner vapers are;

  • Small-sized and useful
  • Seamless for covert vaping
  • Unobtrusive
  • Cheap
  • Easy to use

Pod Vapes

One of the most modern renditions of vaping apparatus’, the pod vape is one of the most practical devices as well. A pod vape is a two-part device, where one unit retains the battery and the other a pod that is expendable and often recyclable. They are also cost-effective and easy to handle and it performs at a higher level than e-cigarettes. Herein you can enjoy nicotine also by applying nicotine salt e-liquid in the chamber, which makes it an effective delivery system for nicotine. The factors that make it an obvious choice can be stated as;

  • Very informal and relaxed operating.
  • Practically more feasible
  • Returnable or disposable pods
  • The switch or draw-activated machine

Vape Pens

These are the first modifications of an e-cigarette, with larger size and better performance than them. Although they are available in different sizes, most vape pens are compact enough to fit in one hand. The battery compartment and the tank containing e-fluid is its structure, which can be either detachable or come in a compact design.

They usually comprise of two parts: the battery and the tank. Vape pens come with internal batteries and their capacity is often limited due to the relatively small size of the devices. There are mainly four different types of vape pens depending upon their capacity to regulate the temperature and resistance of the machine so that the user can get his or her favourite hit intensity and avoid dry hits. The advantages of the vape pens are;

  • Improved than e-cigarettes
  • Extended battery life
  • Reusable
  • Coils or cartridges can be replaced
  • Easy in handling.

# For Intermediary Vapers

It is normal for the beginner vapers to try out the things for the next level after having the taste of the art of vaping. However, the lines between the intermediate and starting vaper are not so defined and it is quite common for a seasoned vaper to enjoy vaping in a beginner’s device. The different types of vape mods are;

Box mod starter kits

Box mod kits are bigger in size and cover commonly intermediate to advanced vapes. The additional size usually means improved performance and extended battery life, usually in the form of external batteries. Most box mods come with pre-set settings and types such as vapes with variable wattage or temperature control. The internal tanks can be mouth-to-lung clearomizers or direct-to-lung sub ohm tanks. Their advantages can be stated as;

  • Many selections to choose from.
  • Better performance
  • Long-range inner or external batteries
  • It is fit to be used with other tanks. 

# For Intermediate to Advanced Vapers

There is no confusion when you cross the threshold of an experienced vaper. You understand the intricacies of ohms law, battery safety, and the best batteries to use for your machine. In this stage, you can make your experience how you exactly want it to be and fine-tune your mods to function as such. You can push the experience to as far as you want.

High wattage box mod starter kits

This mod kits offer higher performance and more intense experience than the regular kits. They can be paired with replaceable coils or with RDAs, RTAs or RDTAs. Most kits take two or three batteries generally, although four is not unheard of. They have the advantage of;

  • Great variety in dimension, performance, and proficiencies
  • Tanks are substitutable
  • Longer battery life

Squonk Starter Kits

These are the most advanced devices and have become their own category. Typically, they house a bottle of e-liquid that can be squeezed as needed to wet the wick of the squonk mod. Due to the large-sized bottle, one-battery squonk mods are common, but two-battery mods are becoming popular. These also come in regulated or unregulated versions, with differing safety and intensity features. Their benefits are;

  • Very high-performing devices
  • RDAs are customizable
  • Manual dripping is not needed.

In the End
So, we hope you have now acquainted yourself with the available types of vaping devices. Get to know them better by using them and enjoy your vaping experience to the maximum.

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