6 Factors to Consider While Making a Choice of E-liquid

E-cigarettes don’t need a formal introduction. Many use it as a way to get rid of tobacco smoking while others use it just as a source of relaxation. The performance of the e-cigarettes can be easily boosted with the right choice of e-liquid. The e-liquid provides a vapour when heated and delivers immense pleasure to the user, similar to smoking a real cigarette. However, using any random e-liquid for your e-cigarette might not be the best choice. There are a number of factors that you must bring into consideration while making your choice for e-liquid. They are:

The Device

The device that you are using for your e-cigarette is one of the main things you must have in mind while making your decision for an appropriate e-liquid. The correct device can enhance the e-liquid and provide a better flavour and produce more vapour. The quality of the device will determine how good an experience you will have with your e-liquids. Make sure you read all instructions while buying any particular device as some of them tend to specify what e-liquid is recommended for optimal performance. Majority of devices won’t specify a recommended liquid base; this is because they are standard electronic cigarettes. If you decide to go sub ohm vaping it is recommended using a specific base mixture to provide maximum performance for your device.

E-Liquid Flavours

There is a vast array of flavours available for e-liquids, if you can think of a flavour it is most likely already available! E-liquid flavours are made using food grade concentrates that are mixed with the vapour base. Your flavoured e-liquid or the e-juice is something that depends solely on your choice. There is a lot of variety in the markets today and the best way to find your flavour is to try them. It is recommended to try a small 10ml bottle of each e-liquid. As soon as you find the flavoured e-juice you like you can order a bigger bottle in the future to save a lot more money.

Vapour Base

Propylene Glycol(PG) and Vegetable glycerin(VG) are the two main liquids used as an e-liquid base. They are the most widely available and the ones best suited for the purpose. Vegetable glycerin is made from a vegetable source and its consistency is just right for the purpose of a Vapour base. The slightly sweet flavour of this ingredient gives an added sweetness to the e-liquid as a whole. On the other hand, Propylene Glycol is not as thick and provides a stronger throat hit. Using a mixture of these two will provide the perfect e-liquid base. A 50/50 mixture is recommended for regular e-liquid users where a 70% VG/ 30% PG is recommended if you are sub ohm vaping. As you are sub ohm vaping your e-liquid does not need to provide a strong throat hit and by using more VG in the base eliquid you are able to produce more vapour. 

Nicotine Strength

The nicotine strength is another factor that should always be on your mind while selecting the best e-liquid for your e-cigarette. You can choose from a wide range of strengths of nicotine depending on your wish or for that matter your capacity. We recommend finding out what nicotine level your current cigarettes are and starting on that. If you are sub-ohm vaping, we recommend using half the nicotine strength you are currently using as the nicotine provides a stronger throat hit in these devices.

Other Ingredients

Flavour, Nicotine, Alcohol, Water, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin are some of the main ingredients that can be used in e-liquids. However, you must make sure that you go through the specifications of your e-liquid when buying it. If the e-liquid in your hand doesn’t contain some of these ingredients then it could be of poor quality and would not serve you as per your expectation. Make sure your supplier is using high-quality ingredients so you can get the best flavour and vapour out of your e-liquids.


Money is the first thing that we think about before buying anything at all. So you must judge wisely as to what amount you are ready to spend for what type of product. Decide on the liquid base you require and make sure the e-liquid flavour is of high quality before buying. Settle for only the best product at an affordable price. There are e-liquids available at a wide range of prices, so think twice before buying a very high priced item. Also, think of the device you are going to use and plan out an overall cost before making your choice of a particular priced e-liquid. If you are finding the readymade e-liquids too expensive then you can always mix your own. Many vendors sell the base mixtures and flavoured concentrates separately. This is great if you want to save money or create your own base that is not available.

E-liquids and e-cigarettes are designed to give a great amount of pleasure by producing a vapour that mimics a regular cigarette. Many users have already made the switch and this is a basic guide on choosing your e-liquid. Keep in mind these above 6 key factors and they are sure to guide you through the selection process of an e-liquid. Make the right selection and have a great time.

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