Vaping Mistakes

If you are a beginner who just switched from smoking to vaping, we’re sure, your brain might be muddled with an array of doubts. What to do and what not to?

Do not worry anymore. In this article, we have compiled a list of things which every vaper must avoid at all costs in order to fetch the most out of vaping.

Let’s have a closer look.

1. Buying cheap vaping products

As a beginner, you might be attracted to buy cheap e-cigarettes and e-juice. But, chances are high that you will end up experiencing bad taste, and, you might finally even give up on vaping.

Additionally, when you buy cheaper vaping products, the probability is high that they are not tested properly on various parameters. Thus, using such products also pose a risk to your well-being as the electronic product might explode or catch fire anytime.

Thus, it is highly recommended to buy trusted and good vaping products from reputed brands.

2. Inhaling dry hits 

This is simple. When your device doesn’t have enough juice to keep your coil moist, you would experience dry hits. This may result in a terrible taste and may even burn your throat.

This can be simply avoided by checking the e-juice level in the coil before starting to vape. If the level of e-juice is not sufficient enough, it is always a best practice to refill its level before inhaling the puffs.

3. Using too much nicotine

Vapers, generally beginners, often tend to pick the wrong e-juice and end up taking too much nicotine. Taking too much nicotine may result in nicotine sickness and can cause a headache and nausea.

As a matter of fact, different e-juices have different nicotine levels. This may take a bit longer to select the right and most comfortable e-juice for you. As a general rule:

  • For smokers with more than 20 cigarettes per day, 18mg - 20mg of nicotine level is sufficient.
  • For smokers with 10-20 cigarettes per day, 10mg - 12mg of nicotine level is sufficient.
  • For smokers up to 10 cigarettes, 3mg - 6mg of nicotine level is sufficient
*If you are sub ohm vaping, please half the nicotine level from the above recommendation.

4. Running out of battery

Running out of battery?Bad luck, you cannot vape until you charge your battery back up again! It’s always important to charge your batteries – no matter how often you vape. It may be a horrible experience if your vape dies when you need it most!
Thus, always keep a charger handy with you and make sure that you follow proper instructions to ensure the long battery life of your device.

5. Using the same e-juice for too long

Change is the only constant thing. You might like vanilla ice cream, but if you keep eating the same old flavour, again and again, your tongue is definitely going to get bored of it.

Same is the case with e-juices. You might like a particular flavour of e-juice, but it is necessary that you keep changing and switching to other flavours. Or else, you won’t experience the same pleasure, all thanks to the development of Vaper’s Tongue which can happen when you stick to one particular flavour for too long.

6. Blending flavours

Practically, blending two e-juices together may not be a great idea, unless you know what you are doing. Mixing two flavours may completely change the flavour and may result in a terrible taste. This will eventually let you empty the tank and waste the e-juices purchased. Hence, it is always better to use one e-juice and clean your tank properly before trying a new flavour.

7. Vaping with a dirty coil

Like anything, the coil of your e-cig also needs proper maintenance and cleaning. Furthermore, dirty coils may have the taste of the previous e-juice and when you put a new e-juice into the coil, it will eventually lead to a blending of two e-juices that could result in a bad taste.

Additionally, dirty coils may result in slow vaping. Therefore, it is a must to clean and maintain the coils. As a best practice, you should change your coil every 2 weeks.

8. Dripping and driving 

Another thing that a vaper should always avoid is drip and drive. When you are behind the wheels, the only thing you should concentrate on is to drive. Otherwise, it can lead to serious disasters. It is highly recommended to fill your tank completely before going for a long drive. Or, if someone is accompanying you, you can always take their help and ask them to fill up the tank for you. 

9. Buying e-juice blindly

Buying a right e-juice as per your tastes and preferences is an art in itself. An e-juice basically consists of a few ingredients - PG, VG and flavouring. Their ratio keeps on changing as per the e-juice flavour.

As a beginner, it might take a while to understand the right ratio of the two base ingredients in order to get the best hit.

10. Dehydration

One of the common mistakes that most vapers make is forgetting to drink water. If you are an avid vaper, you might suffer from the dry mouth if you don’t keep yourself hydrated enough.

Wrapping Up

We hope that this article would have brought the common mistakes made by vapers to your knowledge. Thus, worry no more! Simply follow the above laid out advises and you are good to go.

What are your views on this? What was that one thing that you wished you knew when you started vaping? Do let us know in the comments below!

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